A Complete Guide to Install Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

The main objective of pipe insulation is to prevent the formation of condensation that might result in corrosion. It also delays pipe-freezing when pipes are present in unheated areas. Pipe insulation provides many other benefits, too, such as less consumption of energy and protection against extreme temperatures. Fiberglass pipe insulation offers thermal insulation for both hot and cold service piping. It is because after being molded from heavy density resin bonded glass fiber, the fiberglass is wrapped with white All-Service Jacketing. A self-sealing lap helps in quick and secure installation. 

Some of the common areas of application of pipe insulation

Pipe insulation has many uses and advantages in day to day life. From hot water heating pipes to high-temperature pipes, insulation provides longevity to the pipes. Fiberglass pipe insulation is suitable for domestic hot & cold water pipes also. Dual temperature pipes, steam pipes, condensate lines, or refrigerated liquid pipes, thermal insulation acts as a life-saving jacket for every kind. 

Proper installation is necessary for high performance

We suggest, to first read the instructions and guidelines properly before installation. The first step of opening the hinged insulation section is quite easy; you only have to pull the lap with the release strip from the jacket. After opening the hinged sections, place the insulation over the pipe. There should not be any dirt, dust, or moisture on the overlap area. Line up the insulation properly over the pipe and close it. Make sure the adhesive on the jacket does not contact anything while sealing the insulation.

Now the next step is to pull the release strip from the jacket lap carefully. We recommend starting it by removing the lap down the middle till the adhesive starts touching the adhesive strip on the jacket. Press together and firmly rub while squeezing from the center toward the end. Check if the lap securely adheres to the jacket. 

Complete the procedure by applying the matching butt strip. Rub firmly for the positive closure. Keep enough tape to make sure the piping system is completely sealed. Use sharp knives for easy cutting. 

It's all about the temperature

When the operating temperature of the system exceeds 100⁰ F, we recommend applying mastic over the exposed end of the pipe where it terminates. In case the operating temperature is below 100⁰ F, seal the exposed end with a vapor barrier mastic. In the end, you may apply system identification labels. Do it either by using pressure-sensitive labels or by stencil with spray paint. 

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