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Hunter (Polyiso)

Hunter insulation materials are designed to produce all-weather thermal protection. It is an impermeable glass fiber reinforced foil facing material. Browse our range of Hunter Polyiso products. Our customer service is available to guide you if you need advice just call a member of our team on 786 224 0029 or send us a message via Live Chat. To know more about hunter Polyiso Read Our Guide.

Hunter insulation materials are designed to produce all-weather thermal protection. It is an impermeable glass fiber reinforced foil facing material made from polyisocyanurate (PIR or Polyiso) foam core. It's perfect for application in cavity wall, interior wall, ceiling for residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural and metal buildings.

For over 17 years, the company has been providing continuous insulation solutions. Here at Insulation4US, we house a complete range of Hunter panels in varying thickness and R-Value.

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Hunter Panels Xci Polyiso is a versatile, high-performance insulation solution suitable for a multitude of applications. 

When it comes to thermal efficiency and a wide range of building applications, Polyiso insulation is the #1 insulating material available today. Polyiso can be installed on both commercial and residential structures, on the roof or in the wall. Polyiso is used as a continuous insulation and commands an impressive market share. It’s lightweight, cost-effective, and provides outstanding return on investment with significant energy savings.

Hunter Xci Wall Polyiso is the leading insulation choice due to its R-Value, energy efficiency, fire performance, availability, code compliance and compatibility within many NFPA compliant wall assemblies. Hunter Xci Wall Polyiso products are designed to be compatible with a variety of wall types, and cladding systems for both new and retrofit applications. Hunter Xci Wall Polyiso products come in a variety of thicknesses, lengths, widths and facers to meet your specification needs. Hunter Xci Wall Polyiso is the ideal solution for continuous insulation in wall applications.

Hunter Panels Xci Polyiso products are available for the following applications: 

Exterior Wall, 

Exposed Wall or Ceiling Applications. 

Hunter Xci offers a full line of accessories to compliment these products including barriers, tapes, sealants and fasteners.


Hunter panels- Insulate your building with the right product

A fully insulated house always gives comfort to us. You can get insulation products for the roofs and walls. Various brands have designed insulation panels of different designs. For rigid thermal insulation, you can rely on products from Hunter. Hunter panels are available for all types of roofs, walls, floors and basements of a house. Below we will highlight why Hunter Panels are regarded as one of the best Polyiso manufacturers in the US today.

Tapered roof insulation

This insulation product helps in reducing the risk of water accumulation on your roofing membrane, while the deck has no proper slope. Usually, you need to drain water at the right time to prevent any effect from the accumulation of water. This specially designed insulation helps with the essential drainage and maintains the lifespan of your roofing membrane. Nowadays, most of the roofers and designers know the value of good drainage. That is why the tapered insulation panel has also gained a high popularity. The insulation is manufactured to the specified slope required for your roof.

The tapered polyiso panels are now highly advantageous to the users due to their-

  • Higher R-values
  • Unique physical properties
  • Compatibility with all types of roofing membrane

For a successful roof assembly performance, you must install the tapered insulation in the right way by ensuring the slopes of the panels meet your requirements.

The size of the panel-

The standard size of the Polyiso insulation boards is 4’ by 4’. The minimum level of thickness, maintained for tapered panel, is 1/2”, while the highest thickness level is 4”. You may use a flat underlayment board beneath it if required.

Profiles and design-

The designations of different polyiso insulation panels are variable. If you require a standard 4’ x 8’ insulation panel Hunter can do this also. There is a difference between the extended panel and the fill boards. Some insulation panels are available at a lower price, although the installation cost is high. You may need to apply asphalt to adhere various layers. Less labor is needed for the extended panel thus reducing your installation cost greatly.

If you require a tapered design Hunter panel call Insulation4US and one of our design team will assist you. Please provide your roof details with falls and area and we will be able to fulfill your order.

You can find various ways for designing the tapered insulation product, the major goal is to move water to the drainage point without any leakage to the internal building and to avoid a buildup of water in any location on the roof.

Insulation panel for the flat roofs-

At the time of construction, you must insulate the flat or low slope roof. It may not be always easy to retrofit the insulation for the flat roofing structure. The professional should remove any waterproof layer before placing any flat roof insulation on the roof. Without the right flat roof insulation, you will not be able to follow the building regulations. Insulate the flat roof to make the overall insulation highly reliable and achieve an R-Value that is very difficult to achieve with mineral wool.

Hunter Panels for flat roofs is fine for foot traffic while being laid. You will find a high compressive strength and hard-faced surface on the insulation panel of the flat roof. That is why there is high adhesion and stability for the water-resistant membrane. This protects the insulation from damage during construction.

From Hunter Panels, you will get the following polyiso insulation products for flat roofs.


  • Size options- 4'x8' and 4'x4'
  • Contain recycled components
  • Reasonable price

This is applicable for ballasted and various other roofs

H-Shield CG

This is another high-quality Performance Faced roof Insulation, and you can choose any of the two sizes- 4'x8' and 4'x4'. It can resist mold and moisture. Dimensionally, this is a stable product. You can apply it to Modified Bitumen roof, BUR and Single-Ply units.

H-Shield HD

This cover board has a high density, and its highest PSI of 109. Its other features are similar to the above products.

There is also fire-rated H-Shield HD insulation panel, and the weight of every board is 11 lbs. You can buy H-SHIELD NB, which is a FM Class 1 and UL Class A strand board. Its thickness ranges between 1.5" and 4.0", while the highest R-value is 21.1. You can apply this product to weighty shingles and low slope roofs.


Hunter has released specially engineered products for roof insulation.


  • Cool-Vent-

This is a venting insulation panel, having a dimension of 4'x8'. Its central layer has solid wooden spacers, and it creates an air space of 1".  It is an eco-friendly option for the steep roof.

  • H-Shield NB

This is one of the highly durable composite panels, comprising the closed-cell polyiso foam. On one of its sides, there is a reinforced facer, while the other side has OSB. The manufacturers use adhesive for manufacturing the H-Shield NB.

H-Shield NB does not have any CFC, ODP, and HCFC. You can easily apply nails to its surface. It has also several insulating properties. For re-roofing and for new house construction, you can choose this product as these have rebated panel edges. 


Why use Hunter Panels?

Thinner roofing structure-

The manufacturer has used PIR foam for maximum R-Value per inch thickness. As the insulation panels are not thick, the structure of your roof will also be slimmer. 

Walkable and lightweight-

The standard pressure limit of the panel is very high, and it can accommodate heavyweight including but not limited to foot traffic and light equipment. Please see each boards PSI capacity for reference.

The above information will help you to choose Hunter panels for your project. Hunter has designed different products for many different applications. You may find a difference in the sizes and other features. You can find roof panels and various other engineered panels from Hunter. To purchase any of these products, you can click on the link, You may order in bulk to save money. We deliver our products throughout the country. Feel free to order online or give us a call on any of our numbers below.


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