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sRoxul - Rockwool insulation provides excellent soundproofing insulation and fire protection for both residential and commercial structures. Browse our range of Rockwool Products or contact a member of our team on 786 224 0029 or via Live Chat if you need any help. Read Our Guide to find out more about Rockwool insulation.

Rockwool Insulation (formerly Roxul)

Roxul - Rockwool mineral wool batt offers an excellent insulation to walls and floors where acoustical performance and fire resistance are primary concerns. This non-combustible, lightweight product absorbs outside noise, thereby making your living experience more comfortable. There is no risk to chemical reactivity as the product is completely inert and non-corrosive with air and moisture. The high melting range of Rockwool insulation and availability of invariant thickness makes it suitable for insulating new buildings or retrofitting an old construction.

What is Rockwool insulation made of?

Rockwool insulation is a stone wool insulation made from volcanic rock (basalt). It is used for soundproofing and fire protection. It is often referred to as mineral wool insulation. The manufacturing process involves the melting of basalt and slag, which are then spun into fibers. Batts are then made from those fibers to slide between joists or studs.

Advantages of Rockwool Insulation

Currently, mineral wool insulation is occupying a significant place in the industry. Rockwool insulation is used for a variety of purposes.

Rockwool insulation has many advantages over other types of insulation materials. Some of them are:

  • 1. Rockwool insulation material has the ability to withstand more than 2150º F without melting, which means it significantly slows down the spread of fire. The material has high-quality thermal insulation properties – for instance, 120mm of slabs takes the R-value up to 3.3 per inch.
  • 2. For the residents, it provides improved thermal comfort as your house will stay at desired temperatures as well as lower bills.
  • 3. Another great advantage of Rockwool insulation is the incredible acoustic properties – it helps decrease the noise coming from the exterior.
  • 4. It is highly breathable, allowing moisture and air to travel across the walls, which helps drive away the dampness from the property.
  • 5. Rockwool insulation is highly resistant to moisture and at the same time, it is also vapor permeable. It does not wick water. So, any bulk water contacting the external or outer surface drains. Simply put, the water is not absorbed in the insulation body.
  • 6. Traditional insulation materials quickly lose their R-value. However, Rockwool is different because it is made from slag and basalt, which make it resistant to fire. So much so that if you have Rockwool insulation installed, it will go a long way to prevent a fire from spreading inside the house.

The video below highlight some of the points we made above, have a look to witness’s Rockwool’s acoustic properties and resistance to flames and water.

Uses of Rockwool Insulation

  • You can install Rockwool insulation in different places such as ceilings, floors, walls, attics, and crawl spaces. We have previously covered some of those aspects in our blog how contractors use Rockwool. But at Insulation4US we would recommend using it for colder areas of the house as well as interior rooms, which need sound deadening – for example, music studios and media rooms. 
  • As previously mentioned, Rockwool is fire resistant, it is ideal for use as a “Fire Stop” between your house floors. You can consult our team at “Insulation 4 US,” who will discuss with you the uses of Rockwool insulation. Our team can also help you identify areas, which require Rockwool “Fire Stops.”
  • Rockwool insulation is likewise easier to work with – you can cut the firm batts with a handsaw or serrated knife to fit tightly and cozily into place. You don’t need to worry about the material getting wet – because even in such a situation, water beads up and quickly roll off without entering or soaking into the fibers.
  • Rockwool insulation is used in multiple partition walls assemblies – both in wood or steel stud wall cavities. Its non-directional fiber orientation and higher density considerably decrease the passage of sound – thus improving soundproofing, enhancing both privacy and comfort.

Applications of Rockwool Insulation

Among the applications are thermal insulation including both pipe and structural insulation, filtration, hydroponic medium growth, and soundproofing.

Our Rockwool range provides a wide variety of insulation products, which are a brilliant solution for your exterior wall systems including rain screen, curtain wall, wood frame, cavity wall, exterior continuous insulation, and metal frame constructions.

Rockwool insulation is best suited for interior wall insulation. You can use it both wood or steel stud wall cavities. Likewise, it can be used in under slab flooring, steel stud interior wall, and interior wood framed floor. From interior wood framed ceilings to cathedral ceilings, Rockwool’s range has a perfect fit insulation for your build.

Additionally, to save energy or power and home comfort, we recommend insulating the attic, which keeps the heat in the colder season and out in the hotter season.

You can also visit Rockwool's guide page, which provides a good overview of their products depending on what application you are planning on insulating.

Types of Rockwool Insulation

Primarily, Rockwool insulation comes in two shapes, i.e. boards and blankets. As per the required insulation surface and value, you have the option to choose from different masses and thicknesses.

Standard Insulation Boards

These boards are mainly used for the insulation of cavity walls. Using the boards, you can easily cover loopholes in the masonry. Standard Insulation Boards are specifically manufactured to ensure the proper insulation of the inside of the external walls. In the case of cavity walls, the outer side of the boards is covered with solid finishing material, which is highly resistant to damp and wind.

Foil-Faced Insulation Batts

These are used for insulating stories and roofs and are highly affordable. They are not recommended for renovations though. Foil-Faced Insulation Batts or Blankets come in different finishes, which are useful in facilitating the application onto the beams.

Rockwool vs Fiberglass

Rockwool insulation vs fiberglass is a common question among our users. Although they are both excellent insulators there are a few differences which explains why mineral wool is becoming more prominent nowadays.

  • With a R-value per inch going from 3 to 3.3 for rock-wool insulation compared to 2.2 to 2.7 for fiberglass. Mineral wool has the edge over Fiberglass in this regard.
  • Rockwool insulation batts are easier to fit, no staples or wire needed, you can just slide them in between joists & rafters!
  • Fiberglass insulation material does not have as high a resistance to fire compared to Mineral insulation. Fiberglass can melt at 1,200°F. In this regard, Rockwool insulation is a better Firestop than Fiberglass.
  • All the above points, means that prices for Rockwool Batts Insulation are higher than Fiberglass.


Rockwool is a unique insulator. The porous material traps the air – The elastic and porous structure of the wool likewise absorbs noise. Lastly, it is incombustible and does not propagate flames. 
Insulation4US is your one stop destination for great deals on high quality insulation products. We guarantee secure web shopping at unbeatable rates. Invest in Rockwool batt insulation and stay protected with acoustic and fire insulation for years!

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