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RMax Insulation Board (Polyiso)

Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso) is a closed-cell, rigid foam board insulation that is bonded to facers on both sides. Browse our range of Rmax Insulation products and contact us on 786 224 0029 or via Live Chat if you need any help. To know more about Polyiso insulation Read Our Guide.

RMax Polyiso Insulation For Sale

RMax is not only a great insulation solution for your home but its high-quality and polyiso-based insulation products are beneficial for both residential and commercial applications. 

The brand delivers minimum environmental impact and maximum R-values. 

Advantages of RMax Polyiso Insulation

RMax Polyiso is a strong, closed-cell foam insulation, which consists of a foam core packed between two facers. The Company uses both inorganic and organic materials to compose the facers. Currently, more than 70% of residential and commercial buildings use RMax Polyiso insulation – both for roof and wall applications. 

RMax Polyiso combines a high R-value, high resistance to fire, moisture, and air. It has substantial dimensional stability and compressive strength. 

Additionally, the material is compatible with almost all wall and roof systems. It has a low environmental impact with no global warming and ozone depletion potential. 

Another advantage of RMax Polyiso insulation is its cost-effectiveness and optimized energy performance. Plus their products are recyclable and meets continuous insulation standards.

RMax continues to innovate to provide energy-efficient solutions. It has recently required Sika, which opens up better energy-saving prospects – looking forward to embracing its environmental sustainability culture. 

RMax Product Categories

At “Insulation 4 US,” we offer six RMax product categories, which are Thermasheath-3, Thermasheath-XP, TSX 8500, TSX, 8510, ECOMAXci, and Durasheath-3. The most popular among these categories are Thermasheath-XP and ECOMAXci. 

RMax Thermasheath XP

Thermasheath XP is highly durable insulation. It consists of closed-cell polyiso foam that is sandwiched between aluminum facers. Thermasheath XP is ideal for crawl spaces, basements, and other CI applications. 

It does not come with a thermal barrier – thus providing an aesthetically beautiful interior finish. One side of the Thermasheath XP is white in color and the other side is silver, which gives it a reflective finish. 


RMax ECOMAXci offers enhanced durability because it has glass fiber on both sides of the aluminum foil facers. The fire performance and dimensional stability further enhance its functionality. 

ECOMAXci reduces energy usage, is easy to install, and offers a wide variety of design options – making it the perfect insulation product for your home in terms of efficiency and durability. Among the applications are steel stud walls, masonry walls, and exterior walls. 

RMax TSX Products

RMax TSX Insulation products are made from fiberglass with aluminum foil facers. These products are specifically designed to provide resistance from moisture, damp, and high temperatures. 

TSX product range has an attractive interior finish and does not come with thermal barriers. You can use it on walls with 4.5 inches and ceilings of up to 12 inches. Among the common applications are exterior walls, storage buildings, farms, parking structures, masonry walls, laminate panels, etc. 

Is RMax Polyiso insulation waterproof?

RMax Polyiso insulation boards are mainly used for walls, ceilings, and roofing. The polyiso panels are typically sandwiched between the exterior layers, which are composed of fiberglass and recycled paper products – creating a closed-cell structure, which provides exceptional waterproofing properties. 

Is RMax Polyiso insulation a vapor barrier?

Furthermore, when properly installed, AP Foil-Faced Polyiso Continuous Insulation functions as a water-resistive barrier, vapor barrier and air barrier, eliminating the need to install additional components. Polyiso provides one of the highest R-values per inch of any rigid insulation (R-6.0 at 1 inch). 

How to Install RMax Polyiso Insulation

RMax Polyiso provides optimal energy efficiency. You can use it to insulate your walls and floors. The material is lightweight, efficient, and easy to install, achieving top thermal control and protecting your property from moisture or damp.

At the same time, RMax Polyiso insulation products including Thermasheath and ECOMAXci significantly reduce air leakage. 

Material You Need

Before beginning the process of installation, you will need accessories such as straight edge, utility knife, handsaw, measuring tape, marker, pencil, safety glasses, puncture resistant gloves, spray polyurethane foam filler, roller or feathering tool, high-quality construction sealant, hammer, screwdriver, or pneumatic fastener, insulation clips, etc. 

Prior to Installation (Check List)

First of all, make sure to keep the insulation products dry to avoid voiding the warranty. 

Carefully examine the wall and make sure there are no structural cracks or leaks prior to start the work. If there are any leaks, they need to be fixed before starting  installing the insulation. 

Make sure the surface of the frame or wall is free from irregularities. A surface left unclean can highly affect the insulation. 

It is important to remove foam dust or contaminants from the wall before applying any sealant and tape. You can use a dry cloth to get the job done. 

We recommend the use of eye protection while carrying out the insulation project. It is important to take care of yourself when installing insulation. Most of the RMax insulation projects have sharp edges, which can result in injuries. So, in order to avoid injuries, we advise you to wear puncture-resistant gloves during the process of installation. 


You can’t simply break polyiso evenly and cleanly. Therefore, it is necessary to use a fine-toothed saw or a sharp knife for cutting. You can also use a utility knife for cutting the insulation material – making sure to cut through on both sides of the facing. In order to avoid jagged and sharp edges, you need to cut the boards accurately and cleanly. 


There are two ways to install RMax Polyiso insulation. First is through mechanical fasteners. You can fasten the RMax Insulation such as Thermasheath XP into concrete or wood subtracts through mechanical fasteners. 

For wood furring or framing, you can use bugle, roofing nails, or head screws to penetrate at least one-inch into the wood. Next, the boards must be installed vertically backed with framing and all the edges tightly butted. 

You need to use plastic masonry fasteners to install insulation onto concrete. For an accurate finished look, we recommend the use of insulation clips when installing the insulation directly to the wall block made of concrete. 

Seal all cracks and gaps within the insulation plane – including the insulation joints. Choose high-quality construction sealant or polyurethane spray foam to cover the larger areas. Use a protective film to protect the finished surface from over spraying the area.


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