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Owens Corning

Owens Corning is a global company that develops and produces insulation, roofing, and fibreglass composites. Browse our range of Owens Corning products. Refine by category, price or r-value on the left-hand side. Our customer service is available to guide you if you need advice call us on 786 224 0029 or chat with a member of our team via Live Chat. To Know more about Owens Corning Read Our Guide.

Insulation4US is a prominent provider of the highly renowned Owens Corning insulation solutions for all kinds of applications. The insulation is available in roll and batt form that can be used for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.The products are highly recommended for their great insulating properties.

They are energy-efficient, reliable, and do not absorb moisture, thus ensuring the long-lasting qualities of the materials when installed correctly.

We provide genuine Owens Corning Batt insulation and Owens Corning Roll Insulation. The products are further categorized into faced and unfaced, and specific R-values, which can be judiciously used for different kinds of construction purposes.

Owens Corning Fiberglas® Batts

We have the full range of Owens Corning Batt insulation in Kraft, Unfaced and or Foil Faced finishes. Each of the Foil and Kraft faced Owens Corning Batts have overlaps / flanges to allow for stapleing your product to stud walls, rafters or joists. The Kraft and Foil faced finishes acts as a vapour barrier that keeps our high moisture conent within the air and also has a perm rating of one or less. All these products meet and exceed the ASTM 665 requirments and are all available to order online or over the phone.

Save Space on your Storage - With the use of the new Spacesaver technology you can now save up to a massive 40% on your storage when you use these great products.

Save on the Jobsite - Smaller batts mean quicker unloading times and easier to manage your batts on the jobsite. No more hauling big bags around the jobsite, now with the smaller easier to manage batts there is less chance of the batts getting damaged.

Owens Corning Insulation

Owens Corning is one of the leading manufacturers of residential and Industrial insulation products, producing high-quality solutions for a wide range of applications. It is also the world's largest manufacturer of roofing and fiberglass composites. Since its inception in 1935, the company has developed groundbreaking solutions which have become today's market standards. The brand offers a wide range of insulation material for walls, floors, exterior sheathing, attics, basement, crawl spaces and garage application in numerous dimensions and R-values to meet the specific needs of buildings; both faced and unfaced, engineered with brand's own technology to address various insulation issues.

Range of Products:


Eco Touch

Owens Corning's EcoTouch® insulation products with PureFiber® technology has the highest certified recycled material in the fiberglass industry i.e. 50%. The company offers a number of EcoTouch® material, including unfaced, kraft faced and foil faced in R-values ranging from 11 to 49. It is ideal for exterior wall and roofing application.

Key Features:

Provides high thermal performance in minimal application; can meet most thermal specification with ease

Offer high interior acoustical performance by improving STC (Sound Transmission Class)

It's dimensionally stable; will not slump or decay with time

Non-corrosive to Steel, Copper or Aluminum

It's easy to handle and installation. Can be cut with a simple knife to fit tight space. It can be stapled or friction-fit.

It's GREENGUARD Gold Certified and Formaldehyde free.


Quiet Zone

Exclusively designed to control noise transmission between rooms, makes it ideal for commercial and residential building. The acoustic batt absorbs sound vibration by installing it in the wall cavity. QuietZone® batts can increase sound transmission class ratings by 4 to 10 dBs. Its excellent in-place acoustical performance makes it desirable for installation in sound mixing studios, office, factories, entertainment rooms, bedrooms and children's room.

Key Features:

Maintains original acoustical properties over time

It's made from water-repellent glass fibers; making it a mildew resistant insulation material which doesn't slump over time

Creates quieter and peaceful living space

It's lightweight, easy to handle and install. It can be cut to fit tight space.

Perfect installation in interior wall, floor, ceilings


Owens Corning™ FOAMULAR® XPS (extruded polystyrene) is a closed cell rigid foam board, with high moisture resistance properties. It has thermal performance of R-5 per inch, making it perfect for commercial and residential application of cavity wall, furring, perimeter, crawl spaces, wall sheathing and others. Manufactured from patented Hydrovac® technology, the product ensures years of performance under harsh condition. It will hold its R-value even after continuous exposure to moisture and thaw cycling.

Formular InsulDrain

INSUL-DRAIN®: The board insulation is a Foamular® XPS product that brings the advantages of insulation, drainage and protection into a single product. INSUL-DRAIN® boards are easy to install and has superior moisture resistance. It provides years of dependable performance, even under harsh conditions. The product channels drain water from vertical foundation walls!

Key Features:

Acts as a protection for waterproofing membrane

Unbeatable moisture resistance, lifelong durability, high comprehensive strength

Maintains nearly 90% of its R-value during long-term usage

It's GREENGUARD Certified for Children & Schools.

It's Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) certified to contain a minimum 20% recycled material

Insulation material doesn't corrode and inhibits mold growth. It's reusable!

Has Zero ozone depletion potential

Lightweight, easy to handle and install

Some Lesser Known Facts:

Owens Corning™ was the primary supplier of lightweight, non flammable insulation during World War II.

It has produced the first fiberglass-reinforced plastic car body, later used in the Chevrolet Corvette.

The company helped develop beta cloth for NASA to make fireproof space suit.

Here at Insulation4US, we house one of the largest range of insulation products from Owens Corning™. We are one of the trusted and largest supplier of insulation material at discount prices in the United States. We cater to all insulation needs for both commercial and residential applications. All our products are genuine, guarantee!

To know more about us or learn more about our products, write an email to or give a call to our expert advisors at 786-224-0029. We are more than happy to help you out.

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