A comprehensive firestopping solution from 3M


Effects of a fire can be quite devastating in the home or within any type of building. However, if you can limit the amount of destruction to the bare minimum, then the effort required to bring that building back to its original state is a lot easier and cost effective. There are quite a few technologically advanced products available in the market to help you with the cause and 3M is among the top of the list of manufacturers to provide you a comprehensive list of firestopping and fire protection products.

Why is 3M a better firestopping solution?

When it is stopping fire, it is not just fire that you will be fighting against, but there will also be poisonous gases and smoke that you have to fight against. So while you choose the firestopping system, you need one that provides you a complete and a comprehensive solution covering every aspect of fire stopping. And that is exactly what 3M provides you with. Additionally,

  1. All the products from 3M are tested for fire endurance in accordance with the latest industry standards.
  2. Acts as barrier against smoke, fire, water and noxious gases.
  3. They are easy to install and clean.
  4. The sealants can also reduce the noise transfer to the bare minimum.
  5. Their sealants are water based and hence are easy to remove. 

Which products of 3M should you choose?

3M has a whole range of products to choose from including 3M Barrier Duct Wraps 615+, 1 Step Firestop Foam, Firestop foam guns,  Fire Barrier 3000 Water Tight, 3M Fire Barrier Sausage and much more in different quantity packs varying based on your needs. An optimal combination would be to get a barrier duct wrap, fire barrier sealant and water pail to keep you and your property safe from possible causes of fire.

Where can you use the firestopping products from 3M?

Be it a commercial or a residential building, you can make use of 3M barrier duct wraps and barrier sealants to protect your property and the occupants from fire.

Any duct including the air ducts which run through the entire building can be wrapped with the 3M fire barrier duct 614+.

  1. You can use the barrier duct wrap in air and ventilation ducts.
  2. The barrier duct wrap can also be used on stair pressurization ducts.
  3. It is also ideal for using in commercial kitchens where the chances of fire are quite high.

As for the fire barrier sealant, like that of the FireDam 150+, you can use the same for all construction joints and penetrations of power and communication cables, conduits, etc. This will not just help with limiting the fire from spreading, but it also can hold back poisonous gases, smoke and water.

If there is any kind of opening created for plumbing for electrical or mechanical purposes on fire rated walls or ceilings or floors, then your best choice is to use the IC 15WB, which is again an easy to use foam based effective fire sealant. It is quite effective on static construction joints as well.

All of these fire stopping products are available at Insulation4US Firestopping products with the option for free delivery nationwide. All our 3M products are sourced directly from 3M.