Are your neighbors too loud? Indoor noise solutions


As much as we would like our houses to be a true example of serenity and peace, this is not always the case. Noises often pose a problem especially when you dwell in apartments or in a system where space is shared by multiple families. Whether the noise is coming from the neighbors or members of your own family moving about, they can be a source of constant distress while you rest, work or try to concentrate on anything.

Before we discuss how the issue can be countered let’s talk about how sound waves travel. Sound waves are a form of vibration which moves through the structure of your house. When there is an up and down movement the vibrations practically move across the floor, subfloor, drywall, joists and then the sound waves eventually make their way to your ears. Though the use of carpets on the floors or of cork tiles on walls may hold back the sounds a little bit, these are not really effective measures.

The easiest way to hinder the movement of sound vibrations is an instalment of sound insulation which reduces the sound transfer. Also, this method of blocking out sounds from the outside or even inside of the house is most cost effective. And even though insulation is going to make up only a small portion of your overall budget, the choice of insulation you use will heavily influence the quality of life you enjoy at your abode and more so if you have issues with sounds.

One way would be to separate the linking of the wall or ceiling and the portion where the noise comes from as an effective way to block noise. For the ceiling, for instance, green glue could be used to create a separation which will cause a gap to occur between the old and new layer of dry wall ceiling. The glue can do the job of a sound barrier and it remains flexible too however, there are other options as well to choose from.

Roxul insulation typically offers more acoustic insulation properties than other conventional methods used or installed. Due to Roxul insulation being made out of stone, it offers certain benefits. Whether you worry that you will bother others with the loud sounds in your house or vice versa, Roxul insulation provides all the acoustic insulation that you need. Tranquility won’t seem like a dream now if that is your aim. Roxul insulation is the first choice of professional sound studios when it comes to installing barriers for the high track, music sessions or media portions.

When you survey the market to find Roxul insulation, you’ll find that it comes in either the rigid panel style or the softer batt style. One thing to be noted is that this kind of acoustic insulation is more suited for floors, ceilings, and interior walls. In case you are looking for a multi-purpose acoustic insulation which may be installed in different parts of the house, then search for multi-purpose mineral wool. The three multi-purpose materials of Roxul insulation are: Roxul acoustic fire batts, Roxul Rockboard 60 and Roxul Rockboard 80. Roxul insualation’s high-density batts are a rare form of protection against the issue of sound transfer since they effectively absorb the vibrations and don’t let them move across structures. These acoustic batts are also known as fire batts or Roxul AFB Since Roxul insulation is easy to cut and install, it can be precisely used to match the surface area of walls or ceilings. The flexibility of this acoustic insulation also allows for it to be perfectly fitted in case of wiring, electrical boxes and pipes without leaving behind any gaps or spaces. This leads to much-improved R value and close to minimal sound transfer between structures.

Where the aim is to install sound insulation of a high frequency, Roxul Rockboard 60 is the most appropriate choice. Where low sound frequencies are to be combatted, Rockboard 80 can serve the purpose. When it comes to the acoustical fire batts or Roxul AFB, you’ll find it is a low cost soundproofing insulation product that is very flexible and soft, and best used for framed or covered panels?

Another great option for sound insulation is Thermafiber SAFB as it has exceptional noise absorption properties. Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB) are batts made of mineral wool which have applications in a varied range of areas such as insulation of exterior and interior walls, over pipes, cables, ducts, furnaces as well as ceilings and other spaces of the sound enclosure. Thermafiber SAFB insulation is particularly used for high-rise because its higher melting point offers enhanced fire protection which a significant factor to consider especially for tall structures. Thermafiber SAFB comes in the form of stud blankets which may be used to fill up cavities of metal-stud or wood-stud walls as well as for the purpose of sound insulation in exterior walls as well as curtain walls. The Thermafiber SAFB blankets are more effective in reducing low-frequency sound levels from machinery, mechanical equipment, and music. As it is a form of high-density insulation, the Thermafiber blankets can also work for frequencies which fall in the medium to high range category. Thus, they can work well for critical frequencies when speech is the principal sound source which is mainly the case of offices.

When the house is being built or remodeled the installation of batt or blanket sound insulation is both an affordable and effective measure; placement is done between joists or studs in order to enhance the soundproofing performance of walls as well as ceilings. All of the major insulation companies offer 3 and a half inch rock wool insulation and fiberglass batts which are created particularly for this purpose. The eventual result of soundproofing is will be a private as well as peaceful abode offering the better quality of life. Different noise frequencies and different transmission modes call for different materials installed in different locations so find out what you need.