Basement Blanket Insulation Basics

Insulation is very important, especially for your basement and your home. Insulating your basement walls will help you reduce heating bills and keep your home warm. There are many ways that you can make your basement more insulated and the one we highly recommend is basement blanket insulation. 

If you are in the construction business. Basement Blanket insulation is a great option to offer your customers. It will bring your company more profits and it will give your customers the option of keeping their home warmer. It is an affordable way to provide your customers with a renovated basement that includes the advantage of insulation. 

What is Basement Blanket Insulation?

It is sort of like a wrap for your walls. It has a layer of fiberglass insulation with a cover of white plastic. It is attached to a wall from the ceiling all the way to the floor. It is a great product that has become more and more popular, you just need a few tools to install them. You can request perforated or unperforated basement blanket insulation. 

How is it Installed?

You can install it starting from the top and using fasteners to attach the basement blanket insulation to the wall. These fasteners can be powder actuated pins or gas-driven pins. It is recommended that you seal any holes or cracks on the wall to avoid moisture or humidity. You need adhesive or tape to attach all the parts of the basement blanket insulation.  If you are a contractor then it is recommended that you take pictures of your work to show your potential customers. 

Advantages of Basement Blanket Insulation

  • You won`t lose basement space because it is attached to your walls and it is not that thick. Your basement will look like a fluffy pillow. It will be aesthetically attractive.  
  • Installing basement blanket insulation will reduce the maintenance costs of your basement.  You won’t have to be painting and repairing walls frequently. 
  • It will lower your heating expenses. Once your basement has insulation, then your home will be warmer. 
  • Homes with this type of insulation will increase the value of your home if you plan on selling it. It attracts potential customers.
  • The material used for basement blanket insulation has a low price and anyone can afford it. It is also a great option to offer your customers if you are a contractor. 
  • It is easy to install. It does not require advanced tools to install it and it is also easy to take off. Offering this service will increase your profits. 
  • It brightens up the darkest basement and makes it look more spacious and bright. 

If you are interested in buying basement blanket insulation at a great price, please visit There are a variety of materials, brands, and prices that you can choose from. Contact us for more information. We will be glad to help you choose the best materials for your basement blanket insulation product. 


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