How do you choose the perfect Air and Vapor Barrier system?

air and vapor barrier

When you look for barrier systems in the market there are some things you need to have clear in your mind. First; you need to know why is moisture handling important for your building and what happens when you do not have a air and vapor barrier control system. Second; knowing that there are three types of moisture control systems available in the market, namely liquid barriers, air barriers and air and vapour barriers.  You need to look out for which is the best suited system. Third, you need to look out for what weather conditions are in your area your building is situated in and the type of wall assembly which will help you decide which type of  barrier you need to choose for your building.

Why should you prefer 3M Air and Vapor Barrier?

3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 and 3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015VP is very effective when it comes to reducing air leakage and improving indoor air quality. It is a moisture, water and air impermeable film. Using this barrier in your building will surely show you positive results and here are some of the merits 3M Air and Vapor Barrier has over other products available in the market.

  • It reduces your construction and operating costs of HVAC.
  • Saves energy
  • Lowers risk of mildew and mold
  • Durability and service life of building increases.
  • Extremely easy to install over other brands thus saving costs during construction
  • 3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 is translucent allowing the contractor to see the wall and studs behind the barrier.
  • 3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 comes in Vapor Permeable and Non-Permeable options

Where can you install 3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015?

Here are some of the applications of 3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 which can be very beneficial for your building:

  • High temperature (66ºC) or low temperature (-18ºC) areas where most other products available in the market fail to perform.
  • Around nails and staples for reducing moisture which are also the reason for inappropriate airflow systems.
  • Corners and curved surfaces which are very difficult to cover.

All these areas might be hindering when you plan to install moisture barriers but 3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 covers these areas and makes the process of moisture reduction very efficient.  

What makes it special?

Many products in the market claim to be the best moisture reducing systems. Here are some points which highlight the special features of 3M Air and vapor barrier 3015:

  • No primer required as it uses pressure sensitive adhesive technology.
  • Compatible with common construction materials and sealants with no additional requirements
  • UV resistant up to 6 months without complaints
  • Non Permeable with perm rating of 30 (wet method),20 (desiccant method), per ASTM E96, which ensures a permeable barrier.
  • Lightweight and easy to use. A standard 30” roll of  3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 weighs 26 pounds but performs much better than products having double thickness.

These reasons make a pretty good reason for you to choose 3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 for your building rather than being confused about 10 other products in the market for the same application. The performance of this product has been remarkable throughout and will surely stand up to your expectations too! is your only online resource where you can purchase this product. See our link below for pricing and product datasheets. For any queries feel free to call us on 786-224-0029 and one of our sales team will be happy to assist you with pricing and delivery lead times.