Insulating the Crawl Space of a Old House

You've an old house that becomes feverishly chilly in the winter, the insulation might be one of the reasons behind that. Even if your radiator is going full throttle and you still find the floor cold as ice, an ill-maintained crawlspace might be the culprit. As a house grows old, so does it energy conserving capacity. And, if your house was built before these energy-conserving codes came into the picture, there is no telling how badly it needs a crawlspace insulation.

Crawl space beneath homes provide the space for plumbing pipes and air-conditioning equipments. These spaces can also be a major source of energy-leaks that will leave the whole house chilled to its core. Crawlspace insulation installation helps improving the thermal resistance of the walls that will significantly increase its heat-retention ability. Follow the steps mentioned below to make your abode comfortable during winters:

  • Old building structures mostly have an inbuilt ventilation. Also, they have a moisture-prone crawl space. In such cases, insulating the ceiling is the first thing to do. You can also get the wall insulated if the crawlspace is non-ventilated.

  • Check for gaps or cracks in your crawl space as they will be contributing to much of the cold you are feeling in there. To improve the efficiency of your insulation, block these cracks with any kind of caulk, sealant, and other crawl space vapor barrier elements that you can easily purchase from your nearest market.

  • R-19 InsulationConsider the R-value of the insulation material for sure before purchasing the product. An R-19 insulation material is generally suggested for houses that are quite old. If you aren't able to find a material with an R-value of that figure, you can add multiple layers to achieve it. However, don't compress the material as it reduces the R-value.

With the crawlspace sealed off this way, you can easily increase the comfort levels of your old house. There are specific crawl space insulation options, particularly manufactured to deal with older building structures. Go for those and make your abode the best place to dwell.