Insulation4US bring new XPS product to the market



Fibran Extruded Polystyrene, also known as XPS is a water resistant, high performance & lightweight board which is used for thermal insulation and is recommended for use under concrete slabs, cavity walls, green roofs, external walls, edge beams, cavity walls, cool rooms and external walls. XPS insulation has a good compressive strength while being available in a square edge or a shiplap shape.

Fibran XPS is a new rival to DOW Blueboard and Owens Corning Foamular board

Fibran XPS has introduced their XPS insulation board into the US market due to its valuable multi application possibilities. The XPS board is one of the most ideal insulation products in the construction industry as it is waterproof and also has a very high density when compared with other insulation boards. This board also finds use in fabrication applications due to the strength of the material. Simply put, this board is a great thermal and a structural insulation solution.

How does Fibran XPS compare to Dow Blueboard and OC pink board

Fibran XPS offers the following advantages over its competition- 


  • Great Resistance to condensation and moisture infiltration
  • Available in a range of compressive strengths & long-term durability
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Offers better freeze-thaw resistance
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses, surface & edge treatments
  • Allows easy handling, cutting and installation
  • Offers re-usability in multiple applications
  • Lightweight
  • Better Resistance to compressive creeps and fatigues
  • Standard Fibran 300L board has a higher compressive strength then Dow or OC standard board.

Uses of Fibran XPS insulation boards

The Fibran XPS board can be used for the following purposes-

  • Agricultural building applications
  • New construction which involves wall insulation, floor insulation, roof insulation and high density insulation
  • Garages and panels
  • Commercials above & below grade applications
  • Residential properties above & below grade applications
  • Refrigeration
  • Transportation
  • Reconstruction and retrofitting
  • Walk-in coolers & refrigerated warehouses

History of XPS insulation boards

XPS insulation boards came into existence in the early 1800s when a German scientist who went by the name Eduard Simon managed to extract an oily substance from the sweet-gum trees. This product he started referring to as ‘styrol’. This product was subjected to several refinements over the years which led to improvement of the product. Finally, 80 years post the discovery of styrols, Hermann Staudinger, a German chemist began producing the first batch of long chain polymers. This was taken notice of, by the companies in Germany and the then German giant, IG Farben began the production of polystyrene for military and industrial use.

Properties of XPS

XPS foam board is a liquefied, compressed and molded Styrofoam having a texture and rigidity similar to that of polyisocyanurate. The XPS foam boards have an R-value of around 5/in due to which it does not absorb water and acts as a semi impermeable vapor barrier. XPS is durable and stronger than styroform while being easy on the pocket. The service temperature limit for this board is +70 deg C. This board due to its structure is a highly compressive resistant surface having the capacity to withstand occasional & long-term static loads.

This is the reason why XPS boards are such a hit in the market. If you wish to buy XPS boards or know more about them, log on to and check out the products or their descriptions