Is it time to replace the insulation in your home?


Is it time to replace the insulation in your home?

Here are the three key signs that it is time to replace the insulation in your home.

There are three key signs that it’s time to replace the insulation in your home:

  • Higher energy bills.

If the cost of heating or cooling your home is higher than expected (or higher than your neighbors’) then you probably have an insulation problem. Ask around and keep a track of your bills – if you see a steady increase in the cost then it’s time to call in the experts.


  • Drafts in your home.

If you have a draft, especially if it’s new or is increasing, then you need to investigate. A draft can be caused by any number of things, so first check that it’s not being caused by old windows or doors that don’t fit properly any more. Check too for signs of rot or damage that might be letting air in. If you can’t find anything obviously wrong then call Insulation4US and we talk with you over the phone about your current insulation for damage or disturbance. The problem usually lies in the attic but we’ll discuss everywhere just to be safe.


  • Animal or moisture damage

Again, this will be usually in your attic or crawl space (or sometimes, the walls). Animals such as bats, birds, possums, raccoons and rodents like to nest in your cozy insulation and will case considerable damage to your property and the insulation on which you rely to keep warm or cool. Insects can cause problems too as can leaks and storm damage.

If you suspect that your insulation needs to be changed then just call Insulation4US and we’ll supply you with the insulation you need to get the job done.

And you can look forward to making your home perfect again.