R-Max Polyiso: Why should I Install this Ahead of Glass Wool Insulation?


Since polyisocyanurate is a thermoset polymer, it has a substantially higher ignition and melting temperature when compared to other similar insulation foams. Most of the gasses which are caught inside the Polyiso insulation boards are poor conductors and tend to slow the rate of heat transfer. Hence, the R-value of these types of insulation boards are much higher than its competitors in glasswool and rock fiber / mineral wool. Even though the cost of Polyiso sheets may be somewhat higher, these polyiso sheets will have the capacity to save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the building, which you would have spent on introducing equipment for electric warming or cooling purposes.

Why do we need to install insulation in the walls?


Polyiso insulation has been used in industrial as well as residential buildings for a very long time especially in Europe. Apart from having elevated ignition and melting points, these Polyiso insulation foam boards are also vapor and moisture resistant. The foil faced Polyiso insulation boards used in the construction and insulation of ducts for ventilation, air conditioning as well as heating purposes. Apart from these, it is also used for roof insulation, wall and underfloor applications along with pipe and wall assemblies.

The foil faced Polyiso insulation boards are mainly installed during the construction of residential and commercial buildings, where an extremely efficient R-Value is required.

Apart from providing thermal resistance and good insulation, these Polyiso insulation foam boards are also used for insulating your basement, making basement rooms extremely efficient with regards to reducing heat loss.

Installation of Polyiso boards is extremely easy as it can be cut with a utility knife or hand saw to the required widths needed to fit in between your stud framing. Alternatively, it is also possible to insert your Poyiso boards behind your stud wall in full sheet sizes of 4 x 8 or also into a cavity during construction. This makes for a very easy and quick insulation job.

Poliso boards can also buy stuck to a concrete wall using a construction adhesive like Tensor Fast Dry Adhesive or the Tensor Non-Flam Adhesive. Both of which are spray adhesives and are available to buy online here

Advantages of Polyiso over Glass Wool

Following are some of the crucial advantages of using these rigid insulation Polyiso sheets over Glass Wool:

  • Greater Efficient Thermal Performance
  • Excellent Protection from Fire
  • Better Air Barrier compared to Glass Wool
  • Extremely Light Weight and Easy to Install
  • Better Compressive Strength than Glass Wool
  • Better Resistance to Moisture and Water Vapor

Apart from all these qualities, another quality of the Polyiso which makes it really popular among engineers and architects is that it is really safe and easy to use. While, on the other hand, Glass Wool is very hazardous and has a layer of microscopic glass dust, which tends to attach to the skin and eyes, thus cause itching problems.


Polyiso insulation sheets are, in this manner, one of the best insulating materials for your home and workplaces and R-Max Polyiso insulation sheets are one of the best in the market.