Rebranding of Roxul to get converted to ROCKWOOL



Insulation boards are highly essential products for every residential or commercial house. To make a house soundproof, thermally sound and fire-resistant, insulation products work best. They also help in controlling our everyday energy consumption.

To most of the house builders and homeowners, Roxul is one of the recognized insulation product manufacturing brands. ROXUL Inc. is a part of ROCKWOOL GROUP in North America. For manufacturing high-quality stone wool insulation boards, ROXUL Inc has gained a high status. However, recently, it has announced its decision on rebranding to alter its name to ROCKWOOL. In the past eighty years, builders or contractors have used International ROCKWOOL insulation products. Now, North Americans are going to enjoy its insulation products. 

Date of rebranding of the company-

On 1st January, 2018, the brand has applied its effort for rebranding. This is applicable for its North American business, affiliated with the brand, Roxul. These businesses deal with attic insulation, roof insulation and other commercial and home insulation products. 

What are the potential benefits from rebranding?

President of ROXUL Inc, Trent Ogilvie has declared his approach for rebranding. He also said that the successful rebranding would help their company in creating a unified and consistent identity. They can gain an international standard. ROCKWOOL will also turn out to be a prominent brand in the field of insulation. More potential users may know about their stone wool insulation, and thus, the company will find better opportunities in this sector. ROXUL will be able to get better response due to the pioneering position of ROCKWOOL Group in the present market.

The company has already started realizing the advantages for the rebranding efforts. For instance, they are getting more profit for the higher investment that is essential for better development. The advanced infrastructure in every region is another positive aspect.

Since 2014, $350 million was invested by ROCKWOOL Group in their 3 North American facilities. In West Virginia also, we have found a stone wool insulation plant. Due to the co-operation of ROCKWOOL, there will be more innovations of better products. The customers will also get improved service and solutions. The marketing campaign will gain strength.

Statements from CEO-

The CEO of the company, Birgersson has said that the transition to ROCKWOOL from Roxul will help them to reach a higher step for creating the best globally recognized brand. The market in North America will have more importance and values. The CEO also thinks that it will be easier for them to meet the needs of various customers. His team and all other employees of the company can address the issues on energy usage, shortage of water and safer solution. The company is trying to spread their rebranding news through various social and online channels.

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