ROXUL: Redefining Acoustic & Thermal Insulation

Despite being a primary consideration for domestic and commercial spaces, insulation remains a perennial predicament for most consumers. The basic problem lies in little information about the products in this segment and the largely unorganized marketplace. In this scenario, consumers need the comfort of choosing a brand that promises performance, durability, and excellent insulating capabilities along with transparent pricing. ROXUL is one such brand—a true insulation specialist and a leading provider of different types of insulation solutions.

Get Acquainted with ROXUL

ROXUL Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Rockwool International—world’s leading producer of rock and wool insulation. ROXUL manufactures an innovative mineral fiber insulation material, comprising of volcanic rock basalt and industrial slag, which has excellent acoustic and fire insulation properties.

ROXUL—Redefining Acoustic Insulation Benchmarks

ROXUL provides excellent insulation from airborne sounds like the sound of voice, music, ambient noise, etc. For effective insulation against impact sounds, like the sound of foot traffic and falling objects, ROXUL uses innovative sound-absorbing units. You can install these between the subfloor and joists for comprehensive insulation performance. ROXUL services are in accordance with the particular STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating requirements of the user.

What does ROXUL offer?

ROXUL offers two, globally renowned insulation products, with great fire retardant and acoustic dampening properties—ROXUL AFB® and ROXUL SAFE'N'SOUND®. ROXUL AFB (Acoustical Fire Batt) is a non-combustible and lightweight insulation product having excellent acoustical dampening properties. It prevents corrosion too, as it is chemically inert and water repellent though it does permeate vapor to some extent. It is dimensionally stable, making it the best option for a demanding friction fit into wall partitions. There is no doubt about the acoustical performance of ROXUL since it has passed the tests for Airborne Sound Transmission Loss (ASTM E 90), Rating Sound Insulation (ASTM E 413), Sound Absorption Coefficients (ASTM C 423), and Impedance & Absorption of Acoustical Materials (ASTM E 1050).

ROXUL SAFE’N’SOUND is a true outperformer in the insulation niche. Made of rockwool, it has almost similar properties to ROXUL AFB. It has successfully cleared tests for Mineral Fiber Thermal Insulation for Buildings (CAN/ULC-S702-97) and Mineral-Fiber Blanket Thermal Insulation (ASTM C 665) tests in addition to CAN4-S114, ASTM E 136, CAN/ULC S102, ASTM E 84(UL 723), and CAN/ULC S129 tests.

ROXUL AFB® and ROXUL SAFE'N'SOUND—Redefining Insulation Benchmarks

ROXUL’s insulation solutions are non-combustible with an amazingly high melting point of 2150 degree Fahrenheit! However, a high melting point isn’t the sole determining agent for calculating fire insulation ratings—contemporary benchmarks demand much more. ROXUL ensures that you achieve the required fire rating without any issues. To ensure compliance with global standards for fire-retardant performance, ROXUL’s offerings have cleared the CAN/ULC-S114 test for non-combustibility, the ASTM E 136 test for determining the behavior of materials at 750 degree Celsius, the CAN/ULC-S102, and ASTM E 84 (UL 723) tests for surface burning characteristics, and the CAN/ULC-S129 test for smolder resistance. ROXUL AFB® and ROXUL SAFE'N'SOUND® are CFC and HCFC free products, made of natural (and recycled) materials.