The Pros and Cons of One of The Best Insulation Methods: Fiberglass

Fiberglass is one of the best insulation methods because it is budget-friendly, easy to install, not too flammable, mold and mildew resistant and the list goes on and on. Many homes opted for fiberglass as their insulation solution as via Home Innovation Research Labs, they have confirmed that their 2019 home builders survey resulted in fiberglass being 2018's preferred solution. Many home builders and insulation companies have stated that fiberglass has been their insulation top pick for various years.

The Benefits of Fiberglass:

Fiberglass is a great insulation material to use due to being an affordable option that comes with many other benefits, but what other benefits are we talking about? Fiberglass is well known for not being too flammable, while at the same time being mold and mildew resistant this helps protect your insulation and home in two areas by using the same material. Fiberglass is also insulation made of renewable resources, which means that it also is an eco-friendly solution. Fiberglass is a great option and it is noticeable due to how many home builders are using it as their insulating option.

The Problems of Fiberglass:

Fiberglass is such a good material to use that the real problem comes on its installation and is a problem that stays if the installation is done poorly. Fiberglass can cause any area of your body and even throat to itch, which is why you need to be properly equipped and with prior knowledge of how to handle it. Other than installation problems fiberglass insulation does not really pose a problem, so you just need to make sure it is properly installed and you can enjoy all of its benefits. 

The Myths Pertaining to Fiberglass:

Many myths also pertain to the use of fiberglass, but these can be easily taken off the account. Many other insulation companies that do not provide fiberglass may state that fiberglass results in leaky houses, is low quality, or even dangerous like causing cancer, though it is known that these are all just fiberglass' myths. There is a very good reason why many how building companies and insulation providers have fiberglass as their preferred choice and that is not just due to its affordability, but also the many benefits it already comes with. In conclusion, fiberglass is a great option to use as insulation and the Home Innovation Research Labs or HIRL has provided an annual survey that surely shows how much it is being used. Fiberglass can help insulate your home affordably, which helps reduce your energy bills and gas utilization. When getting fiberglass as your insulating option you are not doing it to follow the crowd, but to get an excellent solution to your home’s insulation There are many great insulation companies but most of them get their products from a great provider such as Insulation4US. At Insulation4US you will find all your needs pertaining to insulation from a wide variety of brands and options. Please feel free to read more about them by visiting their website  




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