To Buy Or Not Used Spray Foam Rigs + Equipment.

As with any other equipment, buying or not buying used Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation rig equipment is a big challenge to both new and established businesses. If you start in the business, you need to invest in quality SPF equipment and start installing insulation rather than fixing tools. If you choose to buy a used spray foam rig over a new rig, then at least have an expert check out the following parts: proportioner, generator, compressor, heaters, transfer pumps, rig air dryers, heated spray hoses, 2-spray guns, and safety supply, and trailer to ensure that they are in perfect condition. If you consider buying used SPF rig equipment over new, avoid obsolete models whose spare parts are no longer produced by them.

What To Look Out For When Buying Used Or New SPF Rig Equipment

When you decide to purchase used, or new spray rig equipment ensure that all the required components are working correctly, this should include;
  • Proportioner – heats and pressurizes materials at the recommended ratios, temperatures, and pressure to create the foam or coating.
  • Foam Rig Generators – for power supply to the SPF machine and electric compressor.
  • Foam Rig Compressors – for giving air to the transfer pumps, drum mixer, and spray gun.
  • Spray Foam Rig Drum heaters – used to keep products warm to the manufacturer's recommendation.
  • Spray foam rig-transfer-pumps – used for transit, storage and changing out the drum in the spray trailer
  • Spray foam rig air dryers – for filtering out moisture contaminants from the compressor to the SPF foam equipment. It also filters air from transfer pumps, spray guns, and air mixers.
  • Heated spray Hoses – used to maintain the manufacturer’s preheated recommendations from the proportioner to the spray gun.
  • 2-spray foam gun – the final destination for SPF process and how SPF rig works Safety supply
  • Trailer – it carries/stores SPF equipment

Obsolete SPF Models

Though used SPF rig equipment that is in excellent condition can do the insulation job just as good as a new one and costs less, it may cost you more on maintenance due to age, wear and tear. Do some research on rig models to be in the know about which models are no longer repairable. Avoid purchasing models whose spare parts are no longer in production or are hard to find.

Where To Buy Used SPF Rig Equipment

One safe place to purchase used SPF rig equipment is from a trusted dealer who can refurbish it back as much as possible to a near industry standard. A refurbishing process includes testing, cleaning, and ensuring the SPF rig equipment remains in top-notch usable condition.


Spray foam rig equipment provides you with a secure and enclosed space where you find everything you require getting the insulation job done. The portability of the unit makes it easier for your job to get done when your mobile spray rig contains everything it should. Buying new SPF rig equipment costs less on maintenance, and you can be sure to get the job done right and on time. In case you need to learn more then kindly click on

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