What Insulation Should I Use when Insulating My Walls and Attic in Long Island, New York?

Only in the summertime, sunbathers and outdoor enthusiasts will get their money's worth. The summer heat, however, becomes a problem when it changes to unbearable heat - Walls and Attics will know this very well. But how can you deal with this problem? A large range of fans is certainly an interesting, although not an energy-efficient solution. Insulation is already the more long-term approach.

Insulation works as a cold and heat protection:

One may, of course, wonder why a thermal insulation offers protection from heat. Basically, insulation is simply an insulating layer between the interior of the building and the outside world. Simply put, what is out there..... (heat or cold)should stay out there. Thus keeping the inside of your building at a constant comfortable temperature.

In an average family house, you can save between 15 and 30 percent of the heating costs thanks to roof or facade insulation. The fact that insulation is also improving the living climate within a building is always a bonus.

Not all insulation is an equal heat protector to another insulation type:

If your insulation is to be specially designed for heat protection, some basic things have to be considered. First, the innermost layer should have a high bulk density or high r-value. What this means can be demonstrated by means of a mineral wool intermediate insulation: Not every insulation material is equally suitable for cold and heat protection. Mineral wool is a good and relatively inexpensive protection against heat and cold. A higher bulk density as with wood fiber can ensure a good heat storage capacity and this makes a good heat protection but can be prone to higher fire risks.

If an insulating material has a high heat storage capacity, it absorbs the heat of the day and releases it slowly during the colder hours of the night. It cools during the night by releasing its heat energy absorbed during the day into the interior of the building. Churches with thick stone walls remain cool even at high outside temperatures because the walls have a high heat storage capacity. On the other hand, such buildings are particularly badly insulated in winter, because a protective thermal insulation such as mineral wool is missing and the cold of the outside air is permanently stored.


Insulating our home is quite crucial in the climate change world we love in today. If you  spent the last summer in an unbearably hot attic apartment, you may want to consider insulating your walls or ceilings! In this case, the improved quality of living is at the top of your agenda and keeping your property at a comfortable temperature is important for your own well being. Different types of insulation such as Unfaced Insulation, Hunter XCI Insulation, Rmax Thermasheath 3, Polyiso insulation, Roxul AFB, Roxul Comfortbatt which you should install after consulting with a professional.

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