Choosing the correct insulation for your crawl space

Crawlspaces are those areas or spaces that are left open beneath a portion of the home such as underneath the floors, within walls, etc. These are the spaces that houses the water pipes, air-condition ducts mainly, and sometimes serves no business at all. Knowingly or unknowing, they are always there within the perimeter of your building. These open spaces can also be the reason why your house is remaining cold in spite of the properly walled insulation.

The reason behind the fact is that the crawl spaces can get extremely cold due to the high moisture content in the soil, cold iron pipes, air-condition ducts, and obviously the falling temperatures. Insulating the crawlspace is therefore an ultimate requirement if you do not want the chilling season to affect the comfort inside the house.

Type of crawl space

Before heading to the store to find the best insulation material, it is crucial to understand the type of crawlspace it is going to deal with. This will help in understanding how much of insulation you would require. Spaces with pipes and all needs insulation around the walls and those without any of these, the floor above the space.

Choosing the correct insulation

Finally, the best energy-efficient insulation material that can be used to keep the crawlspace from disturbing the warmth of your house is fiber glass insulation. It has a higher R-Value, which means no heat is lost via conduction. The material is created out of sand and recycled glass. Being inorganic, these insulation products are noncombustible by nature and do not deteriorate with the passage of time.

Whatever insulating material you are going for, make sure it has a high R-Value. R-Value indicates the capacity of a material to resist the heat flow. The higher the figure, the greater the insulating power.

So, if there is a crawlspace in your home, get it insulated without giving a second thought. The job is fairly big, do-it-yourself or you can also hire a professional if you want it to be perfect. Try doing it off-season for the price of materials and installation during that time are comparatively cheaper.