How contractors apply Rockwool for a variety of purposes


How contractors apply Rockwool for a variety of purposes

You may have heard of fiberglass as the common option for insulation. However, though it has become a very popular choice, you may try out Rockwool insulation. For the comprehensive home insulation market, you can rely on this product.  This type of insulation has easily installable batts. Contractors or home builders will use this insulation during the construction process a house or building. Once installed correctly you will have a highly insulated building. 

Insulation board to be used for different floors- 

To construct floors, the contractors follow the thermal rules and regulations. The separation of lower and upper floors helps in preventing the transfer of heat. Rockwool offers a fire proof insulation that poses no risk of combustion whilst at the same time will keep your heat or your cool air exactly where you need it.

Lots of homeowners insulate exposed floors. In some cases, it is very easy to access the under-floor space. The insulation can reduce the energy costs and solve mold issues. If your house has a concrete slab or timber joist floors, you can apply stone wool insulation from Rockwool in these applications. 

Insulation products for the interior walls-

Rockwool’s insulation gives you the smartest solution in the field of construction. There are different types of interior walls, like timber stud and steel stud walls. You may also use Rockwools insulation board for the party walls. Especially, Roxul / Rockwool Safe 45 is best for the insulation of a party wall. You will get benefits from its fire resistant and sound absorbent capacity. 

Insulation products for ceilings-

It is essential to make your ceiling sound-proof and fire-proof. Whether it is a floor partition or interior ceiling, you may apply Rockwool’s insulation products here. They can be fitted perfectly in the appropriate place for reducing the transmission of sound between two floors. It is also one of the protective steps against fire for the house owners or occupants.

Some builders also install the insulation panel for a cathedral ceiling. Rockwool Comfortbatt is the product, suitable for all contemporary cathedral ceilings. Rockwool Comfortbatt is an extremely versatile product with a multiple range of applications. Its easy to handle and also quite rigid while also being very easy to cut. Comfortbatt would be Insulation4US’s product of choice when it comes to most applications for insulation within a domestic building.

Insulation for the exterior wall of your house-

The outer walls include cavity walls, wooden or metal frames, curtain walls and rainscreens. Apart from the thermal insulation, Rockwool’s products are water repellent, noise reduction and vapor permeability. Rockwool will also repel any insects that might be lurking around and thus not giving them a home to breed. Rockwool AFB can make your walls highly efficient while also giving you all those additional properties which is always a bonus.

Rockwool is also applicable for lots of industrial solutions. It is useful for pipework, tank, column, chimney, vessel and boilers. If you have any questions on industrial applications give us a call to discuss one of our agents would be more than happy to discuss your needs.

To help us understand the performance of the insulation we require we check out the R-value. While the R-value for fiberglass and Rockwool is the same its important to understand what R-value you will need for your application. Thus, the higher R-value insulation will give your home or property a better insulation performance. The durability of this insulation is also very high and can take some throwing around on site in its packaging. Its always recommended to handle with care but as we all know this does not always happen. At least you know Rockwool will take a few tumbles before it becomes unusable.

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