How long does it take for home insulation to pay for itself?

Home insulation: Here’s how long it takes for it to pay for itself.

You will be amazed at how much money you can save with good insulation. In fact, the money you save in reduced heating and cooling costs will pay for the insulating job in just a few short years, depending obviously on the size of your home and how efficient your heating and cooling systems are.

In general, though, we see huge savings with a lot of clients in big houses, small homes, apartments, condos, offices and other buildings. Here’s the payback time we expect in most homes:

Insulation - Estimated Payback Time

Attics & Ceilings - 4 Years

Walls - 2 to 4 Years

Basement Walls - 2 to 4 Years

Crawl Space - 3 Years

Ducts - 2 Years

So where do you start? Call Insulation 4 US, of course, and we’ll take a look and give you a better idea of how much a really good insulation job will cost and how long it will take the savings you make to pay for it.

The first place we recommend you insulate is the ceiling/attic. In winter, the warm air rises and you’ll lose a lot of it through the ceiling and roof. In summer, the sun can turn your ceiling into a giant heater. The next place to check is the walls as you’ll lose almost as much heat there. After that we’ll check the basement wallscrawl spaces and ducts – all areas where you can insulate and make savings that pay for the jobs pretty quickly.

It goes without saying that you should always choose an insulation fitter that uses the best insulation products in the market and we’ve got them all – Owens Corning , CertainTeed , RoxulThermafiberPactivRmaxHunter and Johns Manville. With great products like these, superior service from Insulation 4 US and payback in just a couple of years, what are you waiting for?

Call Insulation 4 US and let’s get started.