How to Insulate Your Crawl Space

Crawl space or an open space below a portion of a home or building may cause problems when not insulated properly. The water pipes, heating and air conditioning ducts passing through an uninsulated crawl area do not function properly and can freeze or burst under extreme temperature conditions.

Also, an uninsulated crawl space can make the floors and other areas of a home colder in winter or hotter in summer making living of inhabitants uncomfortable. You can insulate the crawl space of a building depending on its type, presence of numerous pipes in the area and selection of suitable insulation products.

You can simply follow a step-by-step guide on how to insulate your crawl space by considering two situations. First check If any pipes and uninsulated ducts are present in the crawl area. In this case, insulate the walls around the space. Otherwise, insulate the floor above the space to counter spreading or conduction of cold, heat and moisture into the living area.

The effectiveness of insulation depends on use of right product category and proper installation process. If you compare between various insulation materials available in market for crawl space, fiber glass emerges as a preferred product for its many advantages.

The inorganic insulation fiber made from sand and recycled glass is basically non combustible, strong and highly durable against all environmental odds. You can cover the ground by overlapping the joints with polyethylene sheeting to prevent moisture from causing mold or wood rot. While insulating, always make sure to hold the insulation material in place on the ground without unnecessarily compressing it.

Cover or fill all the cavity during Insulation and use a vapor retarder facing up towards the heated area of the home. Do not forget to wear a long-sleeve shirt, gloves, eye protection and a dust mask when handling fiber glass insulation in crawl space for safety reasons.

You can also take help of a professional building insulation contractor for your home, well equipped with experience, expertise and necessary advance tools for better outputs.