Installing Owens Corning SSLII Fiberglass Pipe Insulation The Proper Way

Currently, the only pipe insulation manufacturer that uses the SSLII closure system, a patented system, is Owens Corning. Being an industry leader and one of the top insulation providers in the industry, many customers are interested in knowing how to install the new product correctly. To ensure that you get it right, follow the steps below; Open the pipe insulation lap and pop the pipe insulation onto the pipe Take note that the ASJ Jacketing of the pipe insulation under the lap has an adhesive that is covered by a pink release paper. Make sure to remove the pink release paper before closing it back up. After removing the pink release paper to uncover the pink colored adhesive, make sure to close the lap onto the inside of the ASJ jacketing and rub the adhesives together. It is important to note that with this type of pipe insulation, you need to get it right the first time as it can’t be removed and re-adjusted without ruining the insulation.


Tips On Insulation Your Home

Before you begin your home installation, there are a few tips you have to keep in mind. This would ensure that the insulation comes out perfect.


Make A Plan

It is always good to have a plan before going about your installation. Why are you insulating? Perhaps it is a new home still in the construction phase or you want to upgrade the current insulation in your home to make it more efficient. Whatever the reason is, you should have one as that would help you know how to draft a plan of what should be done, such as the areas to be insulated, your budget, and so on.


Hire Professional Contractors

While the internet is always there to provide you with DIY tips that would enable you to carry out the installation yourself, it is always best to hire professional contractors for the job. No matter how you see it, hiring a professional is the best option. Even if you get the best insulation you can find, it would not make any difference if it is not well installed. They have the skill, knowledge, and tools. It would also save you a lot of time and you can be sure they would execute the job properly. You can ask for references from people who have had their house insulated recently. Also, in a bid to save cost, do not go for the cheapest contractor you can find.


Consult About The Materials

If you are the one buying the materials, then you have to do some consultation to make sure you get the proper insulation materials. Ask questions about which material is best for some parts of the house. Also inquire about qualities like soundproofing, durability, thermal insulation values, and more. Do not settle for the cheapest materials you can find as it would only cost you a lot in the long run.


Address Air Leaks And Moist Walls

Make sure there are no spaces for leaks or air to escape in the house. Whether it is on the walls, roof, or any part of the house. Make sure everywhere is tightly sealed before the insulation is applied to the spaces. Even the tiniest of leaks should be properly sealed before the insulation process begins. Also, make sure the walls and other surfaces are free of moisture or water before they receive insulation. For more information on insulation installation, visit


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