Rmax: The Holistic Solution for Domestic Insulation

Rmax is a globally acknowledged organization, rated very highly in the USA and across Australia. It provides a wide range of solutions for domestic and industrial insulation requirements besides having interests in ventures like Cold Chain Solutions, Aerospace, and Agriculture. Since 1978, Rmax has been a pioneer in creating innovative building insulation solutions. Rmax took the initiative to engineer Polyiso-based products specifically for ensuring better energy efficiency.

Global Benchmark in Home Insulation Materials

From entire home insulating systems to noise reduction solutions based on Polyiso, all options for comprehensive and durable insulation converge at Rmax. Here, insulation solutions are valued for their dimensional accuracy. Besides ease-of-access and ease-of-installation, you get the assurance of globally used products, at par with the latest benchmarks in the niche of insulating materials for domestic spaces. Polyiso-based products are now in use across millions of households.

Growing Need for Better, Smarter Insulation: Enter, Polyiso

With an increasing emphasis on halting the adverse climatic patterns, there is a renewed focus on conserving more energy and reducing our carbon footprints. Insulating your homes and commercial spaces is an important step in this direction but with so many brands vying for the evolving, green lifestyle market-share, it becomes difficult to decide which energy saving option is practical and effective. One way of solving this issue is selecting the most relevant insulation material for your home. Rmax is sensitive to the fact that a home’s insulation performance directly affects its ability to conserve energy. To ensure that homeowners can save on energy bills without compromising on the quality of insulation, Rmax offers a breakthrough trademark product—Polyiso.

Making a Breakthrough with Polyiso

Also referred to as Polyisocyanurate, PIR, or ISO, Polyiso is a rigid thermoset plastic that takes the form of foam during manufacturing. Polyiso has a strong molecular structure and high crosslink density, making it stiffer than materials with comparable insulation properties. It is chemically and thermally stable, up to 200 degrees Celsius. Its low thermal conductivity makes it an extremely efficient thermal insulator. Polyiso is easy to fabricate into sandwich panels with corrugated steel plating. Polyiso finds extensive use in insulation of roofs and vertical walls. It causes no irritation to the eyes and skin but we recommend undertaking basic precautions during the installation.

Not Just the Present, Future-ready Too

Rmax has the mindset of an innovator. It functions as a ready-to-evolve, future-ready brand with a framework grounded on research. This also includes more analysis of changing customer preferences and their insulation priorities. Rmax continues to develop healthier RIGID CELLULAR PLASTIC technologies like Expanded Polyethylene, Expanded Polypropylene, and Expanded co-polymers of Polystyrene.