Roxul Comfortbatt. Is it the industry leader when it comes to all round performance?

Roxul ComfortBatt is a mineral wool insulation material which is used in new construction and renovations. This type of insulation is typically engineered for use in attics, exterior walls, basement walls, cathedral ceilings & heated crawl spaces. It is made up of basalt rock & recycled slag which is a by-product of copper & commercial steel, which would have otherwise landed in landfill. In this insulation, the recycled material used, occupies almost 40 percent of the requirement. Here, the minerals are liquefied & spun into fibers.

These days, due to the added benefit of mineral wool over fiberglass in insulation, many homeowners and contractors prefer Roxul Comfortbatt over other Fibreglass or foam products. The advantages offered by this product over fiberglass are as follows-


  1. If offers resistance to fire- Since Roxul is made from stone (basalt rock). It can withstand  temperatures of almost 2150° F. Due to this, in situations where there is a fire mishap; this insulation prevents the spread of it. The melting point for fiberglass is 1000 to 1300° F which is less than the temperature a house fire may go up to, which is 1100° F. As a result of this, it may not stand up to the dangers of a house fire, not giving you enough time to escape! Also, Roxul does not emit smoke or toxic gases as it does not burn. Thus, it is something which improves the safety in a house.
  2. It offers resistance to water: Roxul repels water and offers complete resistance to mildew, mold, bacterial growth and rot. As Roxul does not hold moisture or absorb water, it is ideal for draining or repelling water away from industrial pipes, exterior or interior walls, etc. Due to this property of Roxul being a repellent, it does not lose shape or sag. While retaining its R-value.
  3. It offers higher stability: Since Roxul is made up of stone; it offers a high density due to its non-directional fibrous structure. This gives the product a better dimensional stability, ensuring that there is no sag inside the walls.
  4. It improves the peace and quietness: Roxul is a high-density and an innovative insulation which is designed in such a way that it absorbs sound & reduces noise travelling from one place to the other. Thus, it traps the vibrations and sound waves between two rooms in its tiny interconnected fibers which improves the acoustics within a room or building.
  5. Easy to cut & carry out its installation for an Optimal Fit: With Roxul, you can accurately cut the insulation with which you can optimally make the insulation fit around wiring, duct-work, plumbing and electrical boxes.
  6. It is better chemically: Roxul is chemically inert and non-corrosive. Besides, it is HCFC free and CFC free.
Thus material-wise, even if fiberglass and mineral wool fall under the classification of batts, they are completely different. Mineral wool offers a higher insulation value and the ability to resist fire at extremely high temperatures and also offer a superior acoustic performance. Thus, Roxul Comfortbatt is the industry leader when it comes to an all-round performance.