SAFB Thermafiber Insulation- What You Need to Know?

Many people often hear noises such as raised and occasional loud music from the surrounding. It is unusual for you to hear sound from a television or that of a conversation. Excess sound remains a danger in commercial work areas too.

Even in an office, free from the sounds of spinning turbines and pounding jackhammers, excess noise can be a problem. The constant whine of a Xerox machine or dot-matrix printer would be significantly more grating.

If this sound often to invade your privacy then, SAFB thermafiber batt insulation is likely to offer a significant improvement to the quality of life in your home. The acoustical energy is trapped and prevented reflect off the surface. These panels will reduce reverberation levels in a room and works effectively by eliminating unnecessary echoes and reflections.


SAFB or sound insulation fire blanket thermafiber batts designed to stop sound, save energy, and provide life saving fire protection. These are open cell structure, formed when strong winds blow through basalt and iron-ore slag that is melted, spun into fibers, and held together with a phenolic resin. 70% of recycled slag are completely utilized to offer 75% and 90% recycled content. The density of fibers and resin mixes determines the type of product to be manufactured. You could find its different forms such as rigid, semi-rigid, batts, blankets, and boards. All of these products provide excellent sound attenuation and flame resistance along with R-values of about 4 per inch.

Mineral wood made SAFB thermafiber in residential building, rigid foam boards are primarily preferred. It's hydrophobic capacity, HBCD flame retardants power and termite resistance, makes them an attractive alternative to extruded polystyrene. Roxul batt insulation 3.5-inch (9 cm) R-19 and 5.5-inch (14 cm) R-23 are residential batts. Mineral wool product costs a much then fiberglass insulation, but offers uncommon features. These won't sag in wall cavities and resist insects and rodents. You could even consider it for next green building project.

Industrial and commercial application of SAFB thermafiber is unlimited. Its natural fire resistance property gives an opportunity for industrial application and takes more advantage over fiberglass insulation. Fire resistance to temperature above 2,000°F (1,093°C) and zero smoke development makes it ideal for industrial building construction. Provides life saving fire protection in rated assemblies. The mineral wool batt meets the standard fire code in some in distinctive places such as gap between curtain and cavity walls. You could find these panels with or without foil facing, as its permeability varies accordingly.

As with areas of performance i.e. managing sound, right blend of design, material and cost, SAFB thermafiber is proven as the best partner for your building. This cuts your energy costs, reduces your impact on the environment and keeps your home/building comfortable and soundproof throughout the seasons.