Smart ways to boost your home's energy efficiency


With the rising costs of utility bills, property taxes and gas many homeowners are looking towards renovations aimed at boosting their home's energy efficiency. Instead of focusing on addressing cosmetic features and improving the appearance of your home, there are many smart ways to boost the energy efficiency and help save money when it comes to bills.

An excellent investment for any home renovation is the use of high-efficiency windows to help bring down the utility costs and reduce energy waste. Improperly sealed windows and doors can contribute to air escapement which can really drive up energy use and hence the bills. On the other hand, properly sealed windows can ensure that your heated or cooled air remains inside your house hence lessening the use of air conditioners and heaters. Another easy and smart renovation idea is the incorporation of high efficiency and green materials in rooms like bathrooms. The use of low flush systems can help in conserving water and water heating systems can be replaced by solar-powered systems. Many homeowners look to use Energy Star-rated appliances to reduce the consumption of energy and this geothermal energy system can definitely reduce your carbon footprint.

Another useful method to reduce energy consumption is by proper home insulation. Homeowners should look to incorporate efficient insulation for their homes like for example spray insulation foam which is effective in curbing air loss and retaining conditioned air within the home. This ensures a consistent temperature inside your house and reduces the need to excessively use heaters or air conditioners simultaneously driving down energy bills. These effective insulation systems mean that homeowners can enjoy comfortable temperatures within their homes all year round. Along with insulation, homeowners should plug up any leaks which allow air from your home to escape. These leaks are usually found around doors and windows swell as in basements and attics. Any leaks in exposed ducts should also be treated using duct sealants.

Another way to save up on energy costs is by installing a programmable thermostat inside your home. This is believed to save almost 10 percent on your heating bills and cooling bills every month. Another thing to consider when looking for energy efficiency is the use of hollow metal doors which allow air to infiltrate right through. These should be generally avoided. After ensuring that your home is well-insulated and properly sealed, always consider replacing old and outdated HVAC systems with energy efficient ones to lower monthly bills. You can also consider installing high-efficiency heaters to reduce energy bills. This basically is important as water heating makes up around 15-25 percent of annual energy usage in the home.

Installing low-flow fixtures is also proven to help you save some money. These fixtures are not only cheap to install but they also reduce home water consumption by around 50%. Another great idea is to replace regular light bulbs with contact fluorescent light bulbs. These will definitely help save on electricity bills and they also are four to 10 times longer lasting. Another great idea is replacing your old dishwasher with a modern one which on average uses less water per cycle. This upgrade will surely helps save you money when it comes to your utility bills. Installing a tankless water heater is another great way to increase efficiency. You can easy reduce 20 percent from your water bill by using these heaters which ensure that you never run out of hot water and even last 5 to 10 years longer than regular tank heaters. Another smart investment is the installment of ceiling fans which keep your home at a comfortable temperature all the while reducing your energy bill.

Many people forget to clean out the sir filter of their homes furnace. This simple task can help save a lot of money. When these filters become clogged with dirt and dust, the furnace spends more energy to force air through which eventually raises your electricity bills. A good idea is to replace your furnace filter once every month during winter which can definitely enhance its efficiency by 20 percent. Enhancing home energy efficient can definitely save a lot of your money and it is not that expensive to carry out! Consider them as investments which will financially benefit you in the long run.