The importance of R-value

The importance of R-value

Once it is time to insulate your house, you will realize that there are a lot of kinds of home insulation, not just one! There are various factors that you have to take into account when considering which one is right for your house such as whether you are actually installing insulation to a new home for the first time, or adding insulation to an old house that needs more. Another factor, and actually the most important one, that must be considered is the R-value of that insulation. The effectiveness of any insulating material is generally measured by its R-value (thermal resistance.) So getting insulation that has a higher R-value obviously means that it will be more effective. The R-value assigned to different types of insulation takes things such as its thickness and density into account to arrive at the precise range given to it. 

Installing Insulation

Getting the most out of your insulation’s effectiveness depends a great deal on how well it is installed. While you might be a “do it yourself” type of person and want to install your insulation yourself in order to save some money, if you want it done properly and get the most benefit out of it, you will need to hire a professional. Here are a few bits of advice about what to do when you are looking for a professional installer:

Look at more than one option

Don’t just hire the first installer that you come across. Get quotes from various installers so that you can compare prices both to get a general idea of the going rates and also to get a good deal.   

Price is not everything

While the final cost is a very important consideration, quality is far more so. Ask the contractors that you contact how much experience they have and what brands of insulation they work with; do some research to ascertain what is best for your needs.  

Air Sealing

Because air sealing is an important part of installing insulation, you should ask whether it is included in their insulation services and how much it will cost you if it is not.   

Different Types of Insulation

You will have to choose from a wide range of insulation types. Blanket insulation is the type of insulation that most people use perhaps because it is so commonplace and can be bought just about anywhere. This insulation is made with flexible fibers that can consist of different types of materials but fiberglass is usually the top choice. You will find it at the store in batts or rolls of different widths to accommodate different purposes. You can get continuous rolls that you will be able to cut and trim to the right size for your particular needs. You can also buy them with a facing that is meant to be an effective vapor barrier such as vinyl or other materials, or you can choose to buy them without a facing at all. You should make this choice depending on the climate of the place where you happen to live because it is highly advantageous to have a vapor barrier in places that experience extreme heat or extreme cold; but in other areas, it is not as necessary.   

Other considerations

Not all insulation is the same, as we have said, and no matter which one you choose, you have to take certain factors into account such as price. Consider closed-cell insulation, for example, it has an excellent R-value of 6.0 per inch, making superior to other types of insulation; but it can cost up to four times more than others, making  it cost prohibiting for many people. Fire resistance is another thing to consider. We suggest checking this out to get more information:  


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