The Top 8 Ultimate Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation 

As you have been searching insulation choices for your home, you may have come across varied types of insulations, like fiberglass, spray foam, and cellulose. But you're not familiar with their usefulness. The Icynene spray foam existed long ago in 1986, as a popular home choice for comfort, benefits, and energy efficiency.  Spray foam refers to insulation and air barrier material designed to seal walls, ceiling joists and floor against hair circulation. It exists in two types; open-cell and closed-cell; the latter is expensive but more useful to its predecessor.  If you're after insulating your new house or upgrade of the older one, spray foam benefits are worth considering. As a homeowner, you need to install spray foam in your home to fix uncomfortableness. You will also save money incurred from energy bills. Spray foam as enormous benefits to both commercial and residentials such as; 

Incredible power saving

Spray foam insulation works more efficiently than the other types of insulation. Due to its expansive characteristics, spray foam helps cut leakages and heat transmission. The minimized leakages and heat transmission reduce strain on your cooling and heating equipment. This associates with low energy consumption to maintain the preferred temperature. Unlike other popular types of insulation rated at 30% of energy saving, spray insulation saves energy at an average rate of 50%.

Powerful insulator

Open-cell Spray foam ranks top in the market with a high air resistance ability of R-6. While closed-cell has R-3.5, this allows it to work better than other insulation types. Its expansive nature permits it to have an air-tight seal to nooks and crannies. 

Air-tight seal

Unlike other insulation, spray foam insulation is capable of enhancing air quality. It does this by deep sealing cracks or crawling space. The deep seal avoids air leaks. Also, spray foam is an effective barrier to allergens like dust, pollen, and insects. Etc. 

Moisture barrier

It's not only air that can gain entrance to your house via cracks or holes present on the wall but also water and moisture can also find their way in. Since spray foam is water impermeable, it hinders the entrance of airborne humidity. 

Greater wall sturdiness

Since strong winds, earthquakes, and heavy snows pose challenges to buildings, spray foam strengthens your structure. The closed-cell does this due to its credible hardness and density. Insulating spray foam saves your building from storms.

Long-life span

Spray foam comprises inert polymer allowing it to have an infinite lifespan. You will enjoy the ultimate benefits of spray foam insulation for a more extended period before you re-insulate. Due to its ability to perform at optimal levels, spray foam insulation can last for 20+ years. Unlike other types of insulations that can break, rot, spray foam is durable and cannot sag over an extended period. 


If you have ever thought of keeping your household, "green" spray foam has got good news for you. Through reduced energy consumption, spray foam protects your house against mildew and mold growth. The best news is that spray foam lasts indefinitely with a capability of low consumption of materials due to its design. 

Increased comfort

Aren't your neighbors' quiet? Worry not. Open-cell spray foam helps deter noise transmission for a peaceful indoor plumb world.

Wrap up

Even though spray foam insulation might be expensive, its benefits are worth considering. Opt for one if you value privacy—a smart choice for your home. Learn more here



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