What Insulation Should I Use when Insulating My basement in the Bronx New York?

An un-insulated basement will cause an unnecessary waste of energy but this is not the only waste. In many old buildings, unused underground spaces hide. An insulated basement wall creates cozy basement rooms for living and working out of cold storage rooms.

If you want to use the basement as a heated living space, you should definitely insulate the basement walls. Otherwise, the heat escapes into the cold wall surrounding the basement. If insulating of the basement walls is not necessary or possible from the outside, then there are systems available for interior insulation like Roxul Comfortbatt or Hunter XCI Insulation or Rmax Thermasheath 3.

Extra space in the basement thanks to a slim high-performance insulation system

Thanks to their high insulation effect, the insulating boards of Hunter and Rmax are very narrow when compared to glasswool or stonewool / mineralwool so that the living space in the basement can be fully utilized from the inside. The insulation panels are available in thicknesses between 0.5" to 5". The thermal resistance is between 0.22 and 0.24. When laying the insulation boards, the tongue-and-groove connection where present prevents the formation of cold bridges and creates a homogeneous thermal insulation.

The healthy living climate in the basement:

The interior insulation of the basement wall ensures an all-around healthy climate within the busilding. The interior wall with which the insulation panels are fixed too on the room side buffers moisture and have a counteracting effect on the formation of mold. The exterior aluminum lining acts as a steam barrier - protection for an all-around healthy living climate in the basement.

Air-tight bonding is essential:

In the insulation of the basement wall its always good to ask an  expert, otherwise building damage and high follow-up costs can occur. In order to reliably avoid the penetration of warm, humid air or cold air (depending on the climate in which you are in or time of year) between the insulation material and the outer shell, the insulation should be glued or mechanically fixed to the basement wall. The fixing of the insulation begins at the corner of the room, working left to right or vice versa . In addition, the insulation is mechanically secured with metal or plastic fixings - dowels are not required.


There are various types of insulation you will find in the market which you can install after consulting a professional, such as Hunter Insulation, Hunter XCI Insulation, R-Max Insulation, Thermasheath 3, XPS Insulation, Pactiv Insulation, Kingspan Insulation, Roxul Insulation.

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