Why is Roxul insulation such a good sound and fire barrier?

ROXUL Insulation is a stone fleece protection item for use in inside acoustic-insulationwall partition of residential and steel stud development where predominant impervious to fire and acoustical execution are required. This non-burnable, lightweight item has phenomenal acoustical hosing properties and is dimensionally steady which makes it perfect for fitting into walls, roof and floor applications. The item is synthetically latent; in this manner, it won't advance erosion.

Roxul insulation is planned particularly for – soundproofing, thermal resistance and fire resistance. The improved thicknesses makes it a perfect acoustic insulation and its capacity to avoid heat loss.

Roxul protection commonly offers more acoustic protection properties than other routine options utilized or introduced. Because of Roxul insulation being made out of stone, it offers certain advantages. Whether you stress that you will trouble others with the loud sounds in your home or the other way around, Roxul insulation gives all the acoustic protection that you require. Quietness won't appear like a fantasy now if that is your point. Roxul insulation is the first decision of expert sound studios with regards to introducing a boundary for the high track, music sessions or media bits.

The advantages of ROXUL insulation:


  • Delays the spread of flame, and may give you and your family with valuable additional minutes to get away.
  • Won't blaze, or discharge poisonous gasses or smoke when presented with high warmth.
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 2150˚F (1177˚C) – well above warmth levels of a run of the mill house fires.

Water Repellant:

  • After exposure to water and dampness, Roxul insulation will not absorb moisture unlike traditional batt insulation items and R-value won't be influenced.
  • An idle substance that does not bolster mold or parasitic development; bringing about a more secure indoor environment for your home.

Produced using Stone:

  • Made from a remarkable blend of stone and reused slag – a by-result of steel creation that would be some way or another go to landfill.
  • Non-directional fiber structure and higher thickness for better dimensional steadiness and a powerful hindrance against commotion.

Simple to Install: 

  • Simple to cut accurately with a serrated cutting edge, for example, a bread blade.

Sound Absorbent:

  • The non-directional fiber of ROXUL stone fleece assimilates acoustic waves and can decrease the power and engendering of commotion.
  • Successfully diminishes wind stream and sound transmissions.
  • Higher wind current resistivity.

Environmentally Friendly: 

  • Vitality productive protection produced using stone fleece is friendly-to the earth. Produced using characteristic, bounteous basalt shake, and slag, a by-item from the steel business, ROXUL protection is a reused and recyclable item.
  • ROXUL is focused on manageability at all levels of the assembling procedure, and extends these advantages to customers by offering LEED credit (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) qualification for development projects. Roxul stone fleece is one of few building materials that recoup the vitality exhausted in its creation. It additionally makes continuous reserve funds for buyers, while decreasing their aggregate natural impression.
  • For your home and reasonable undertaking against environmental change, investigate government projects, allows and impose credit choices / rebates in your area.

When you review the business sector to discover Roxul insulation, you'll see that it comes in either the inflexible board style or the gentler batts style. One thing to be noted is that this sort of acoustic protection is more suited for floors, ceilings, and inside walls. On the off chance that you are searching for a multipurpose acoustic protection which might be introduced in various parts of the house, There are many other options such like Roxul Comfort batt or Roxul AFB.

These acoustic bats are otherwise called fire batts or roxul AFB. Since roxul protection is anything but difficult to cut and introduce, it can be used to coordinate the surface territory of dividers or roofs. The adaptability of this acoustic protection additionally takes into consideration it to be superbly fitted if there should be an occurrence of wiring, electrical boxes, and pipes without abandoning any holes or spaces.

Nothing beats the quietness of a calm home; that is precisely what ROXUL insulation stone fleece insulation gives. This inventive, the environmental item is uniquely intended for establishment inside your home's inside dividers, roofs and floors to lessen the exchange of clamor starting with one room then onto the next.

At the point when settling on the nature of protection to incorporate in a private development or redesign venture, manufacturers, contractual workers and property holders need info in deciding adequacy of the protection and whether to simply meet code necessities or alternately surpass them, making an agreeable situation through all seasons. From meeting the predefined least, to accomplishing R-values that will surpass construction regulations well into what's to come, it's extraordinary to know you have alternatives.

This warm manual for ROXUL Protection's Better / Best arrangements can address different normal private applications utilizing ROXUL protection.

The Better:

In spite of the fact that construction regulations for protection necessities differ between states, fabricating codes are intended to meet least benchmarks. Utilizing ROXUL to meet these base codes is Better than utilizing different sorts of protection as a result of the elite elements and advantages of ROXUL protection. In our Better arrangements, we will demonstrate to you industry standards to utilize ROXUL to accomplish or surpass regulation construction principles. The Best: The R-estimation of protection is worth considering accomplishing ideal vitality effectiveness and enhancing the general solace of your home. When you pick the BEST arrangement, you are making a warm what's more, agreeable home to appreciate instantly, and making a long haul duty to the earth what's more, vitality funds well into what's to come.

Life is getting louder around the home. TVs, home theaters, PCs and computer games blast from verging on each room. Family mobile phones continually ring. More individuals work from home workplaces, and amusement rooms are the standard. So don’t wait for your home purchasers to get some information about approaches to make their homes calmer, more secure and more agreeable. Make peace and calm and fire security accessible on each new form with Roxul insulation.