Hunter Panels CAV-GRIP Low-VOC Aerosol Contact Adhesive Adhesive
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Hunter Panels CAV-GRIP Low-VOC Aerosol Contact Adhesive

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CAV-GRIP is a multi-purpose, low-VOC aerosol contact adhesive recommended for enhancing bond of self-adhering sheet products, such as Xci Vapor Permeable Self Adhesive Water Resistant Barrier, to various substrates. It can also be used as an adhesive for bonding Xci polyiso insulation boards to another substrate. The self contained spray system delivers a low-pressure web, which allows quick and even coverage without bounce-back. CAV-GRIP is a low-VOC, methylene chloride-free formula.

This unique formula allows tenacious adhesion and quick drying over a wide temperature range. The self-contained spray system consists of 40 pressurized aerosol cylinders with a special attachment for a spray hose and gun.

Features and Benefits

• With proper operation, requires no clean-up or maintenance

• Low-cost, quick-and-easy surface preparation solution for proper installation of self-adhered flashings

• Ideal for enhancing the bond of Xci Vapor Permeable Self Adhesive Water Resistant Barrier various substrates

• Ideal for bonding polyiso insulation boards to substrate, including surface of waterproofing and air/vapor barrier membranes


Connect gun to hose and connect hose to cylinder. Use lithium grease or petroleum jelly on all fittings and take care not to cross-thread them. Open valve on cylinder to check fittings for leaks. Propellant in cylinders needs to be maintained above 60°F for the product to spray well.

Substrate shall be clean and dry, free of debris and contaminants. For application at ambient temperature below 60°F, store cylinders in heated space and move to project area during application. Cylinders can be kept warm on the job site by placing them in a cooler with a heating pad. Otherwise, dispense product from cylinder while it is still warm. When product in cylinder becomes too cold, it will begin to spit rather than spray. At this point, swap cold cylinder for warmer one and return cold cylinder to heated area.

When changing cylinder, close the valve on the cylinder and depressurize the hose. Remove the hose and attach to the new cylinder. Open valve and do a test spray. Apply CAV-GRIP in thin, even coating to substrate. Avoid high thickness build-up.

Keep gun perpendicular to surface during spray. To adhere to the substrate with CAV-GRIP allow it to dry until it does not transfer to finger when touched. Limit application of CAV-GRIP to surfaces that will be covered with the barrier that same day.

Clean Up

Use safe solvent to remove from skin. Safe solvent or mineral spirits can be used to clean tools and surfaces. Free stuck valve on gun by attaching hose and gun to cylinder of an approved adhesive remover, such as UN-TACK, and triggering gun repeatedly until operation is smooth. If the gun is clogged, a small-gauge wire or torch clean-out tool is helpful after soaking the brass fitting in mineral spirits.

Cylinder Disposal

When all primer has been used from cylinder, close cylinder valve and evacuate hose and gun before disconnecting hose from cylinder. If hose is not to be connected to a new cylinder immediately, do not evacuate hose and gun to ensure primer does not harden in gun and hose. Clean up primer residue, gun and spray tips with mineral spirits or similar solvent. In most areas, the empty cylinder can be disposed as an aerosol can or recycled as scrap metal. If disposal is not allowed in your area, contact your distributor for disposal arrangements. Federal law forbids transportation if refilled.


Read “Cylinder Disposal” section on cylinder label. If new cylinder is not immediately available, do not evacuate hose and gun. Leave pressure on to help prevent adhesive from hardening in hose and gun.

Coverage 50 –55 ft²/lb of adhesive
Base Rubber/Solvent Blend
Brand Hunter
Colour White
Consistency Aerosol Spray
Drying Time 5 minutes
Flammability Flammable when wet. Non-flammable when dry.
Flash Point -42°F
Mildew Resistance Excellent
Odor Low
Solvent Cyclohexane /acetone
Spray Pattern Variable Web
VOC 80 g/l
Water Resistance Excellent

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