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Hunter XCI CG Panels

Xci CG is a high-thermal rigid insulation panel composed of a closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core manufactured on-line to a premium performance coated glass facers on both sides. Browse Xci CG Panels Today and feel free to contact a member of our Team on 786 224 0029 or via Live Chat if you need any help. Read Our Guide to know more about XCI CG Hunter Panel.

Hunter Panels Xci CG Polyiso Rigid Insulation Panel 4ft x 8ft - All Sizes
Hunter Xci CG Polyiso Rigid Insulation Panel 4ft x 8ft - All Sizes Hunter XCI CG Panels
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Xci CG is a high-thermal rigid insulation panel composed of a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core manufactured on-line to premium performance coated glass facers on both sides. It is designed for use in commercial wall applications to provide continuous insulation within the building envelope.


  • Polyiso offers highest R-value per inch of any foam plastic board insulation
  • Designed for use in continuous insulation to assist in meeting the most current ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, IBC and IRC standards
  • NFPA Compliance with CMU, Concrete, Steel Stud and Fire Retardant Treated Wall types. See Build A Wall sheets to the right for individual assembly component choices

Hunter XCI Panels Product Information

Hunter insulation panels are now one of the most versatile products in the field of construction. With the right insulation system, the professional builder can control the temperature level in the interior space of a house. These polyiso panels make a house highly energy efficient. Every panel comprises several layers, and they develop a high-quality material, resisting the transfer of heat. Layers consist of foil facing then your polyiso foam insulation with another layer of foil facing on the other side. So in essence there is foil on both sides of the panel. Several brands have introduced their unique insulation panels similar to the Hunter Panel for example Rmax. Hunter is also one of the brands, that offers different insulation panels for a range of different building envelope applications.

While you are looking for a high-thermal insulation product, Hunter XCI panels are the right choice to you. For constructing a house, thermal insulation plays an important role. It helps in lowering the heat energy consumption, and lower your air con cooling cost. It also makes your house more favorable and comfortable for living while assisting in maintaining a consistent ambient temperature. While you have thermally insulated a space, you will be able to reduce the thermal loss or gain depending on the climate in which you live in. Thus, allowing much greater control on room temperature. A saving of up to 50% can be achieved when using Hunter Panels within your wall, floor and roof space

Now, let us talk about Hunter thermal insulation panel, Xci CG. This panel is made of a closed cell with a core, designed with polyisocyanurate foam. On two sides of the product, you can find glass facers for a high standard of performance.

Where to use Hunter XCI Panels-

You can use XCI CG for the walls of commercial buildings to insulated the whole building envelope. This is the most efficient way in which to insulate a building as there are no gaps and the insulation is consistent all around the whole building. However, constructors can also apply it for steel stud, wood framing, masonry cavity walls and CMU. The insulation panel is applicable for both interior and exterior walls.

Xci CG works perfectly with fiber cement, wood, aluminum, vinyl and various hardboard sidings. Please contact our office for further advice on different siding options for interior and exterior applications.

Advantages of using polyisocyanurate foam in your walls-

We have already said that Hunter Panels has used polyisocyanurate foam for its insulation products. This Polyiso presents you with several benefits. It is very durable and has a high thermal resistant capacity. R-values for this component are high when compared to similar thickness of products like Mineral wool or Glasswool. That is why Polyiso panels have become very popular.

  • Fire Performance – XCI Class A Hunter Panels have got a Class A fire rating.
  • Price - The use of Polyisocyanurate has made Hunter Panels’ product highly affordable.
  • Shipping - Insulation4US delivers all Hunter Panels nationwide across the US .
  • Compression and moisture resistance – As one of the closed cell components, the insulation panel will not trap water. You will be able to retain the structural integrity and thermal performance of this insulation throughout for many many years.

The compressive capability of all Hunter Panel boards is very high. As a result there are a multitude of applications in which this can can be used in (Floors, Walls, Roofs, Full building envelope).

No negative effect on the environment-

Safety is another factor to assess the standards of insulation panels. GWP or Global Warming Potential is one of a concern to the environment. The insulation panel manufacturers are now trying to offer the safest product possible. Hunter XCI panels have a 0% GWP. Manufacturers are manufacturing insulation materials that are effective at preventing climatic change and saving energy. As a long terms strategy goes this is a sound one.

Mold resistant features of the panels-

Moisture and mold growth are the common issues to a building. The presence of mold also causes various health problems and respiratory disorders. It is always better to invest in mold resistant products for preventing any damage to the structure. Hunter XCI panels also, you will find have special traits to resisting the growth mold etc.

Tips for installing the insulation board-

You must know the right technique when installing this rigid insulation panel. Xci CG does not act as any structural sheathing. You must attach cladding to the outer side. It is also essential to follow the local codes and rules at the time of installing the panel.

To know about the need of attachments, you must follow the manufacturers instruction. Some adhesives or fasteners are essential for fitting these insulation products correctly and all products required to assist in the installation are available on our website. For instance, you may use the adhesives for Handi-Foam for example.

When installing Xci CG its important that the cladding is installed soon after. At this time, you have to apply a building wrap to your panel then the cladding. You may use the unfaced Hunter panel with a waterproof tape. You must not keep the Xci CG uncovered for longer than several months. The right level of protection is highly essential to get the best result. As the panel size is quite big and also light, you will be able to install it quickly and easily.

Hunter Xci 286

Xci 286 is another product from Hunter Panels. This is a highly durable foam insulation, offering great energy-efficiency capabilities. This product is made of polyisocyanurate foam, and you may apply it for almost all interior retrofits. You will also be able to use it for ceilings in industrial, residential, metal and commercial buildings. On both sides, there is a reinforced foil. At one of the side, you will find a reflective surface, while the other one is white. You can leave any of these sides uncovered.

We have talked about Hunter Xci CG, XCI 286 and the standard XCI Foil boards. Read the above article in detail to ensure you are selecting the correct insulation for your needs. Its also recommended that you hire a professional for installing the panels to get the most from the insulation.

If you require this insulation feel free to contact us and one of our agents will be more than happy to assist you or place your order online and your insulation will arrive to you in 3 to 5 days after ordering.

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