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Hunter Panels Xci FlexShield Flexishield
Hunter Panels Xci FlexShield Flexishield
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Hunter Panels Xci FlexShield

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Xci FlexShield is a self-adhering flexible flashing membrane composed of a microcreped PP film facer with a butyl hybrid adhesive on a PET liner. Xci FlexShield is compatible with Hunter Xci polyiso products and the Xci AEGIS Wall System.


Features and Benefits

• Strong, flexible membrane seals tightly to most building materials and prevents water intrusion

• Butyl hybrid adhesive technology allows for excellent adhesion and flexibility in temperatures ranging from 10°F (-12°C) to 150°F (65°C)

• Does not contain asphaltic or bitumen materials that can cause staining and deformation

• Split release liner for easy installation

• Puncture resistant

• UV resistant up to 6 months

• No priming required

• Made in the USA

Installation Steps

• Ensure that the window sill has at least a slight slope toward the exterior

• Prepare the FlexShield flashing by measuring and cutting a length that is 12" longer than the window opening. FlexShield will run along the window sill and 6" up each jamb

• Remove the inner portion of the release liner from the back of the cut FlexShield piece and center the FlexShield in the opening

• Center and place FlexShield in window sill

• Starting in the center of the sill, begin to apply pressure to the FlexShield, moving outward toward each corner and then up each jamb. Use a J-roller across the surface

• Remove outer portion of release liner and fold FlexShield outward to wrap onto the exterior wall surface providing pressure while doing so

• Once secured, use a J-roller across the entire surface of the membrane to ensure proper overall adhesion


Sq Ft/Pack: 28.125

Length 75'
Width 9"
Sq Ft/Pack 56.25
Thickness w/o liner 65 mils
Application Temperature 10°F to 150°F (-12°C to 66 °C)
Brand Hunter
Material Type Butyl
Nail Sealability AAMA 711
Product Type Flashing
Sealant Compatibility AAMA711-08 level 3
Service Temperature -30°F to 200°F (-34°C to 93°C)
UV Resistance No degradation, No loss of peel adhesion
Water Immersion No degradation or loss of peel adhesion
WVTR < 0.1 perms

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