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Kingspan GreenGuard LG Type VII 60 psi XPS Insulation Board - 2" x 2ft x 8ft Roof
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Kingspan GreenGuard LG Type VII 60 psi XPS Insulation Board - 2" x 2ft x 8ft (96 Boards)


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Kingspan GreenGuard GG60-LG XPS Insulation Board comprises closed–cell extruded polystyrene (XPS) with a minimum compressive strength of 60 psi. It has high water resistance and R–value of 5.0 per inch of thickness. It is available in a square edge board or a drainage channel board.

Kingspan GreenGuard LG XPS Insulation Board is made of synthetic materials that are generally recognized as not providing a food source for insects, fungus, mold, or mildew. It should always be properly installed and stored. Kingspan GreenGuard GG60-LG XPS Insulation Board is HCFC free.

96 Boards Per Pallet

1536 Sq Ft Per Pallet

Features & Properties

    • R-value of 5.0 per inch of thickness
    • Designed for high–load applications requiring insulation with minimum compressive strength of 60 psi
    • GWP of lessthan 50
    • Retains insulating properties over time
    • Lightweight, durable...easy to use
Property Test Method Result
Nominal Thickness (in)   1 1/2, 2, 3
Nominal Board Width (ft)
Nominal Board Length (ft)
Edge Profile   Square1
Property Type ASTM C 578 VII
Compressive Strength, Min. 
(psi@ 10% deflection)
ASTM D 1621 60
Water Absorption, Max.
(% by volume)
ASTM C 272 0.1
Density, Min.
ASTM C 303 2.2
Water Vapor Permeance
(Dessicant Method)
< 1.0
Service Temperature, Max (°F)   165
Thermal Resistance, R-value2
(°F.ft².hr / Btu per in thick)
ASTM C 518
(@75°F Mean Temperature)
Thermal Conductivity, k-value
( / hr.ft².ºF)
ASTM C 518
(@75°F Mean Temperature)
Fire & Smoke
Flame Spread3
Smoke Developed3
ASTM E 84 / UL723 15 (Class A)
Product Length 8ft
Product Width 2ft
R-value 5.0
Thermal Conductivity 0.2ºF
Brand Kingspan
Compressive Strength 60psi @10% deflection
Installation Guide https
Product Datasheet https
Product Density 2.2 lb/ft3
Product Type Rigid Board
Water Absorption 0.1
Water-Vapor-Permeance < 1.0

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