RMax TSX-8510 4ft x 8ft (All Sizes) RMax (Polyiso)
RMax TSX-8510 4ft x 8ft (All Sizes) RMax (Polyiso)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, RMax TSX-8510 4ft x 8ft (All Sizes) RMax (Polyiso)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, RMax TSX-8510 4ft x 8ft (All Sizes) RMax (Polyiso)
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RMax TSX-8510 4ft x 8ft (All Sizes)

SKU: 584809-Zone1

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Note - Please Note Some Sizes Require A Minimum Order Of 6 Pallets

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Over View: Rmax TSX-8510 is a polyisocyanurate thermal insulation board designed to meet the demands of today’s building industry. This product is suitable for use in walls, ceilings and limited roof applications in new construction for commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial buildings and in thermal retrofit construction within existing buildings.

Thickness R-Value Sheets Per Pallet Sq Ft/Pallet Minimum Order
1" R6 48 768 1 Pallet
1.5" R9.6 32 1024 6 Pallets
2" R13.1 24 768 6 Pallets
3" R20.3 16 768 6 Pallets

Rmax TSX-8510 is a cost effective way to increase your buildings thermal efficiency with one of the thinnest profiles available on the market today. TSX-8510 is manufactured with reinforced aluminum foil facers on both sides.

The exposed side has a reflective aluminum surface to provide an attractive, strong and durable interior finish that is pressure washable and designed for use without a thermal barrier.

Pallet Height 48"
Product Length 96"
Product Width 48"
sq-ft-pack 768, 1024
Brand R-Max
Material Facing Foil-Faced
Material Type Polyiso
Product Type Rigid Board

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