Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB) - All Sizes Thermafiber
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Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB) - All Sizes

SKU: SAFB 1.5 x 16-1

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THERMAFIBER Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB) are mineral wool batts designed to stop sound, save energy, and provide life saving fire protection. These products are noncombustible, moisture-resistant, noncorrosive, nondeteriorating, mildew-proof and verminproof. Thermafiber SAFBs provide acoustical control, thermal insulation, and fire protection in many different UL fire rated wall and floor-ceiling assemblies. SAFBs resist temperatures over 2000ºF. SAFBs add STCs to wall and floor-ceiling assemblies. SAFBs can be installed in both steel stud and wood stud construction. See Thermafiber’s SAFB Brochure (TF885) for more detail on STC and fire ratings for multiple wall and floor-ceiling assemblies

Size R-Value Pieces Per Bag Sq Ft/Bag Bags Per Bundle
1.5" x 16" x 48" R6 18 85.33 12
1.5" x 24" x 48" R6 18 128 12
2" x 16" x 48" R8 15 80 12
2" x 24" x 48" R8 12 96 12
2.5" x 16" x 48" R9 12 64 12
2.5" x 24" x 48" R9 10 80 12
3" x 16" x 48" R11 10 53.33 12
3" x 24" x 48" R11 8 64 12
3.5" x 16" x 48" R13 8 42.66 12
3.5" x 24" x 48" R13 8 64 12
4" x 16" x 48" R15 7 37.33 12
4" x 24" x 48" R15 6 48 12
5" x 16" x 48" R19 6 32 12
5" x 24" x 48" R19 5 40 12
6" x 16" x 48" R22 5 26.67 16
6" x 24" x 48" R22 4 32 12


  • Interior Stud Cavity – Friction fit SAFBs securely between studs. Butt ends of blankets closely together and fill all voids.
  • Creased SAFB – Bow the blankets slightly to fit into stud cavity. Slit the blankets vertically 1” deep with a utility knife.
  • Floor-Ceiling – Friction fit SAFBs securely between floor joists.
  • Ceiling Overlayment – Lay SAFBs over ceiling panels extending 48” beyond all partitions. Tightly fit around all hangers,
  • Obstructions, and penetrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB)? The SAFB is designed to provide both sound attenuation and fire protection in various building applications.

How does the SAFB help with sound attenuation? The mineral wool composition of the SAFB helps absorb sound waves, reducing noise transmission between spaces and improving acoustic performance.

Is the SAFB fire-resistant? Yes, the SAFB is specially engineered to offer excellent fire resistance. It can help contain fire and prevent its spread within a building.

Can the SAFB be used in both residential and commercial buildings? Yes, the SAFB is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, including apartments, hotels, offices, and more.

What sizes are available for the SAFB? The SAFB is available in various sizes to accommodate different installation needs. You can find the available sizes on the product page.

How is the SAFB installed? The SAFB is typically installed between stud cavities, floor joists, or ceiling rafters. It can be easily cut and friction-fit into place without the need for additional fasteners.

Is the SAFB environmentally friendly? Yes, the SAFB is made from sustainable and recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly insulation choice.

Does the SAFB require any special maintenance? No, the SAFB does not require any special maintenance. Once installed, it provides long-lasting sound attenuation and fire protection without the need for regular upkeep.

Can the SAFB be combined with other insulation products? Yes, the SAFB can be combined with other insulation materials to enhance thermal and acoustic performance, depending on the specific requirements of your project.

Where can I find installation guidelines for the SAFB? Installation guidelines and recommendations can be found in the product's documentation or by consulting with the manufacturer.

Customer Feedback

Users appreciate the blankets' excellent sound attenuation and fire protection capabilities.

The SAFB effectively absorbs sound waves, reducing noise transmission between spaces. Its fire-resistant properties make it ideal for enhancing safety in residential and commercial buildings.

Installation is easy, with the blankets fitting snugly into various cavities. The SAFB is low maintenance and environmentally friendly, being made from sustainable materials. offers a range of sizes for the Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB). Customers have found them to be effective, easy to install, and reliable for sound attenuation and fire protection.

Product Length 48"
Product Width 16", 24"
Brand Thermafiber
Material Facing Un-Faced
Product Type Batt
Type Of Material Mineral Wool

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