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THERMAFIBER Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB) are mineral wool batts designed to stop the sound, save energy, and provide life-saving fire protection. Browse Today and If you need any help feel free to contact a member of our team on 786 224 0029 or via Live Chat
Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB) - All Sizes
Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB) - All Sizes Thermafiber
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Owens Corning's Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB) are a standout offering in the insulation world, ensuring safety, thermal efficiency, and sound attenuation all in one. If you're browsing the insulation options at and have stumbled upon the SAFB insulation category, you're in the right place for a comprehensive understanding of this unique insulation solution.


What is SAFB insulation?

SAFB, or Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets, are mineral wool insulation products designed to provide exceptional acoustic performance, fire resistance, and thermal insulation. Crafted by Owens Corning, a trusted name in the industry, SAFBs offer homeowners and builders a versatile insulation solution suitable for various applications.


Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB)

While it might seem there's only one product in this category, the phrase "All Sizes" denotes the range of product thicknesses and dimensions available. This ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your project, whether it's insulating a small residential space or a larger commercial facility.


Practical Uses of SAFB Insulation:

  1. Acoustic Control: SAFBs are designed to reduce sound transmission between rooms, making them ideal for walls, partitions, and floor assemblies in both residential and commercial buildings.

  2. Fire Resistance: The mineral wool composition of SAFBs gives them a high melting point, ensuring excellent fire-resistant properties, a crucial consideration for buildings that need to meet strict fire codes.

  3. Thermal Insulation: Beyond sound and fire protection, SAFBs also provide superior thermal insulation, ensuring energy efficiency and consistent indoor temperatures.


Guidance on Selecting SAFB Insulation:

  • Residential Applications: If you're looking to enhance the soundproofing in your home theater, bedroom, or any other living space, SAFBs are a great choice. Choose the appropriate size based on the depth of your wall or floor assembly.

  • Commercial Applications: For office partitions, conference rooms, or any space where noise control is essential, SAFBs can deliver the acoustic performance you need. Additionally, if fire resistance is a priority, ensure you opt for the appropriate thickness and dimensions to meet building codes.

  • Thermal Insulation Needs: If you're primarily focused on thermal insulation, ensure you consult with an expert or use Owens Corning's guidelines to select the right thickness and size of SAFB for your specific project.

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